Global / world - today price 2023-12-11

Today price: food, agriculture products, fish, flowers, meats, groceries, foodstuffs, victuals - latest wholesale market price in the world.

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-12-071 piece1.061.06KWD1 tomatoAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2023-12-071 kg1.251.25EURa carrotOvocníčkovo fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2023-12-071 kg86101CNYa hundred double peonyTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg5656CNYa hundred double petals annoska single flower peonyTaipei Market
2023-12-071 piece8.58.5KWDafrican apple 17 kgAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2023-12-071 piece11KWDafrican cocoa 2 kgAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2023-12-071 piece3.53.5KWDafrican mandarin 9 kgAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2023-12-071 piece55KWDafrican orange 13 kgAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2023-12-071 piece66KWDafrican pear 8 kgAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2023-12-071 kg25002500UGXagwedde beansmbale central market
2023-12-071 kg79.5EURalbacore c/cMercamadrid
2023-12-071 kg3.95EURalbacore c/c frozenMercamadrid
2023-12-071 kg8.511.5EURalbacore s/c.Mercamadrid
2023-12-071 kg66EURalbacore s/c. frozenMercamadrid
2023-12-071 kg2.54EURaledo grapeMercamadrid
2023-12-07pack1212USDalfala sprouts cartons124-ozpackages SouthCarolinaColumbia Terminal Market
2023-12-071 kg5.96.5EURalmond dry France shellMIN Nantes
2023-12-071 kg6.46.4EURalmond dry Tunisia shell average bag5kgmin Marseille
2023-12-071 kg99LEValmonds kgFermi BG Wholesale Market
2023-12-071 kg9.510.5EURalmonds shelled california sack 20/22 class 1Veronamercato SpA
2023-12-071 kg78EURalmonds with shell california sack tost/salata class 1Veronamercato SpA
2023-12-071 kg3636CNYalocasia mixed colorTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg5080CNYalocasia orangeTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg2728CNYalocasia redTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg35101CNYalocasia taro powderTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg6363CNYalocasia whiteTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg31105CNYalocasia yellowTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg00CNYalpine hawkweedTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg00CNYamaranth flowerTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg1515INRamaranth leavesBhopal Wholesale Market
2023-12-071 kg2471.5CNYamaranth redKaohsiung Market
2023-12-071 kg3070CNYamaranth whiteTaitung City Market
2023-12-071 kg4545INRamaranthus red (kerala)Chalai Wholesale Market
2023-12-071 kg3232INRamaranthus red (out of state)Ernakulam Wholesale Market
2023-12-071 piece22KWDamerican strawberry packet 1 kgAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2023-12-071 kg9595INRamlaUdagamandalam Wholesale Market
2023-12-071 kg6070NPRamla (indian gooseberry)Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market
2023-12-07pack4.54.5BRLannona kg pb-pe estCentro de Abastecimento e Logística de Pernambuco
2023-12-071 kg811CNYanthurine flower pink ladyTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg1010CNYanthuriumTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg916CNYanthurium champagneTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg2121CNYanthurium coffee redTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg1925CNYanthurium coffee stripesTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg1217CNYanthurium coral pinkTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg00CNYanthurium cranberriesTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg716CNYanthurium cupidTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg718CNYanthurium dreamyTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg517CNYanthurium emerald greenTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg827CNYanthurium flower earthTaipei Market
2023-12-071 kg1118CNYanthurium flower green red heartTaipei Market

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