South Africa today price 2024-03-02

South Africa today price: food, agriculture products, fish, flowers, meats, groceries, foodstuffs, victuals - latest wholesale market price.

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-02-29pack110110ZARApple Golden Delicious 1l Econopack (12kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack200220ZARApple Golden Delicious 1l Mark 4 (18.3kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack5691ZARApple Golden Delicious 1m Econopack (12kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack120200ZARApple Golden Delicious 1m Mark 4 (18.3kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack200200ZARApple Golden Delicious 1x Mark 4 (18.3kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack300320ZARApple Granny Smith 1l Mark 4 (18.3kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack120120ZARApple Granny Smith 1m Econopack (12kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack260260ZARApple Granny Smith 1m Mark 4 (18.3kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack200300ZARApple Granny Smith 1x Mark 4 (18.3kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack230250ZARApple Top Red 1l Mark 4 (18.3kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-291 kg8080ZARapples (carton)johannesburg market
2024-02-29pack100120ZARAvocado Fuerte 1m Carton Open Top (4kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack8090ZARAvocado Fuerte 1s Carton Open Top (4kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack20100ZARAvocado Other 1m Carton Open Top (4kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-291 kg120120ZARavocado (package-box)johannesburg market
2024-02-291 kg120120ZARavocado (standard tray)durban fresh produce market
2024-02-29pack140200ZARBanana 1l Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack130150ZARBanana 1m Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack160220ZARBanana 1x Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack130180ZARBanana 2l Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack110150ZARBanana 2m Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack130180ZARBanana 2x Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack130130ZARBanana Fingers 1l Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack120120ZARBanana Fingers 1m Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack90140ZARBanana Fingers 1x Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack120120ZARBanana Fingers 2l Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack110110ZARBanana Fingers 2m Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack130150ZARBanana Fingers 2x Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-291 kg9696ZARbananas (banana box)johannesburg market
2024-02-29bunch3030ZARbasildurban fresh produce market
2024-02-291 kg4040ZARbasil (box)tshwane fresh produce market
2024-02-291 kg2727ZARbasil (other container)johannesburg market
2024-02-29bunch5.155.15ZARbeetrootbloemfontein (mangaung) market
2024-02-29pack3035ZARBeetroot 1l Bag (5kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack80100ZARBeetroot 1m Bag Thrift Pack (10kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack2580ZARBeetroot Bag (5kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack20120ZARBeetroot Bag Thrift Pack (10kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-291 kg2525ZARbeetroot (standard pocket)durban fresh produce market
2024-02-29pack336396ZARBlueberries Carton (12 X 125g)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack80120ZARBrinjals 1 Tomato Box (5kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack20100ZARBrinjals 2 Tomato Box (5kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack70100ZARBrinjals Box (8kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack5570ZARBrinjals Tomato Box (4kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack20120ZARBrinjals Tomato Box (5kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack200260ZARBroccoli & Cauli Mix Prepack Packets (4kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack350350ZARBroccoli Box/Tomato Box (5kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack200400ZARBroccoli Prepack Packets (6kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack3550ZARButternuts 1l Bag (10kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack2025ZARButternuts 1l Bag (7kg)Cape Town Market
2024-02-29pack2650ZARButternuts 1m Bag (10kg)Cape Town Market

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