France today price 2023-06-10

France today price: food, agriculture products, fish, flowers, meats, groceries, foodstuffs, victuals - latest wholesale market price.

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-06-011 kg1.652.2EURapple bicolour France cat.I 170/220g tray min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.21.8EURapple Garnny smith France cat.I 170/220g tray 2layersmin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.281.28EURapple Golden France cat.I 170/220g casemin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.751.85EURapple Golden France cat.I 170/220g tray 1layermin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.81.97EURapple Golden France cat.I 201/270g tray 1layerMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.82EURapple Granny smith France cat.I 170/220g tray 1layerMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg2.33EURapple Pink-lady France cat.I 201/270g tray 1layerMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg3.84.4EURapricot France cat.I 45-50mmmin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg3.54.5EURapricot orange red type France cat.I 45-50mm trayMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg2.84.5EURapricot Spain cat.I 40-45mmmin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg3.253.5EURapricot Spain cat.I 45-50mmMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg22.5EURartichoke Calico France cat.I 11-13cm pack 15MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.551.55EURartichoke Camus Brittany cat.I +13cm package of 15 (piece)min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg12.413EURasparagus green France cat.I 16-22mm traymin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg6.89.1EURasparagus white Alsace cat.I 16-22mm bunch1kgmin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg6.756.75EURasparagus white Alsace cat.I +22mm tray min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg2.082.8EURaubergine France cat.IMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.652.19EURaubergine Spain cat.IMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1824EURavocado Hass Import package of 20 (20pieces)MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.21.4EURbanana Africa cat.I MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.41.5EURbanana DOM cat.I MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.752.5EURbatat ImportMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.22.35EURbatat Import dużemin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.722.4EURbeetroot red round coked South East under vacuum bag 500gMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg2.112.52EURbroad bean FranceMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg2.222.8EURbroccoli Spain cat.IMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.853.05EURcabbage red Netherlands cat.I (piece)min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.82.95EURcabbage white Netherlands cat.I (piece)min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.351.9EURcarrot France cat.I sack 10kgmin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.82.35EURcarrot France with fane cat.I (bunch)min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.51.98EURcarrot France with greens cat.I bunch (bunch)MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.51.76EURcarrot Spain cat.I pack 12kgMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.581.7EURcarrot Spain with greens cat.I bunch (bunch)MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.83.45EURcauliflower France cropped cat.I large (piece)min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.52.35EURcelery Francemin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.72.11EURcelery France tray (piece)MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.61.9EURcelery greens France cat.I trayMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.72.35EURcelery stalk green outside of France cat.I tray min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg3.053.8EURchampignon mushroom East Europe cat.I large tray 2kgMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg34.7EURchampignon mushroom Netherlands cat.I medium min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg7.938.58EURcherry red France cat.I +26mm trayMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.852.04EURcichorium endivia France cat.I (piece)MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg7.7910.8EURcucumber France cat.I 400-500g pack 12 (12pcs)MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg0.750.9EURcucumber France cat.I 400-500g (piece)min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg0.550.6EURcucumber Netherlands cat.I 400-500g pack 12 (piece)min Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg1.42.24EURcucumber Noa South East cat.I 300-400gMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg1.83.05EURdill EUmin Strasbourg
2023-06-011 kg2.382.8EURdill ItalyMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg2.62.88EURendive Belgium cat.I pack 5kgMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2023-06-011 kg2.52.86EURendive France cat.I pack 5kgMIN Avignon-Cavaillon

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