Banana today price

Banana latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Banana cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-04-111 kg20002000UGXapple bananasmbale central market
2024-04-111 kg280280RWFbananamuhanga market
2024-04-11pack200280ZARBanana 1l Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-11pack180260ZARBanana 1m Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-11pack250320ZARBanana 1x Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-11pack240270ZARBanana 2l Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-11pack180240ZARBanana 2m Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-11pack260260ZARBanana 2x Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-111 kg1.11.8EURbanana Africa cat.I min Strasbourg
2024-04-111 kg11701200UAHbanana, box (imp.)Shuvar market
2024-04-111 kg1.311.45EURbanana DOM cat.I MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2024-04-11pack120120ZARBanana Fingers 1x Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-11pack190190ZARBanana Fingers 2x Carton (18kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-111 kg2525INRbanana kannan (kerala)Thrissur Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg2020INRbanana karpooravalli (kerala)Thrissur Wholesale Market
2024-04-11bunch2500025000UGXbanana matookembale central market
2024-04-111 kg20002000UGXbanana matooke fingersmbale central market
2024-04-111 kg5050INRbanana nendran (kerala)Chalai Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg3838INRbanana nendran (out of state)Alapuzha Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg3535INRbanana njalipoovan (kerala)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg3030INRbanana njalipoovan (out of state)Alapuzha Wholesale Market
2024-04-11100 kg20002200INRBanana PalayamthodanParassala Market
2024-04-111 kg2020INRbanana palayanthodan (kerala)Kottayam Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg2424INRbanana palayanthodan (out of state)Alapuzha Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg20.961.7CNYbanana plantainLinjiang Night Market
2024-04-111 kg3535INRbanana poovan (kerala)Manjeri Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg3232INRbanana poovan (out of state)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg2727INRbanana robusta (kerala)Manjeri Wholesale Market

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