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Zimbabwe agriculture, farming and food

Agriculture in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in southern Africa. With an area of 39,000 square kilometers ( conferred upon it by the four physical regions that make up this vast terrain), 33 percent or 12 million hectares are used for agricultural purposes while 6 other million have been set aside as national parks and wildlife preserves with the final 7th one being designated solely for urban settlement. There are many people in Zimbabwe who rely on agriculture for their livelihood. It's an important part of life, but it needs support to get good yields and produce surplus food that can be sold or redistributed locally. Agriculture is overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture; 18% percent of Zimbabwe's GDP, comes from this field alone as evidenced by 2015 statistics! Zimbabwe's agricultural landscape is a colorful and diverse blend of natural regions, from rolling grasslands to steep hillsides covered in tropical rainforests. The country has five major zones for farming: the first three being used primarily as crop production areas while larger commercial farms focus more heavily on export cash crops such as tobacco or fruits. Zimbabweans face different challenges in their agricultural activities and these can be attributed to a lack of resources, such as money or knowledge on how best use what they do have. Lack of equipment is also an issue because those who want help must travel long distances with some produce for sale at market price while others sell only on commission which does not provide enough income unless you're selling eggs! The roads are often bad so transport isn't always available either; this makes access difficult especially during rainy season when many areas experience flooding causing debris-filled dirt paths encroach upon valuable farmland bringing traffic currents through already wet soil leaving behind salt deposits leading farmers' crops lacking nutrients essential.

Zimbabwe produced in 2018:
  • Zimbabwe sugarcane production 3,3 million tons
  • Zimbabwe maize production 730 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe cassava production 256 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe vegetable production 191 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe tobacco production 132 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe banana production 106 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe orange production 96 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe soy production 90 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe sorghum production 80 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe potato production 60 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe barley production 55 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe peanut production 42 thousand tons
  • Zimbabwe cotton production 38 thousand tons

Agricultural products: maize, cotton, tobacco, wheat, coffee, sugarcane, peanuts; sheep, goats, pigs.

Tobacco production in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, tobacco is a major crop. The British South Africa Company established British rule over what became Southern Rhodesia in 1889. The Europeans reserved half of the country's land for their own use, leaving a sandy soil that could support only subsistence farming and livestock ranching; but tobacco was grown there anyway due to its popularity among African Americans at home who were forced into cultivating it by law through quota systems created after slavery ended in 1865. In 2017 it accounted for 11% of the country's GDP with 3 million people depending on this industry-mostly farmers in remote areas who grow Virginia flue cured, burley or oriental types. Tobacco production under the contract system of agriculture has been a success, with Zimbabwe's 2018 crop being only one generation away from reaching an all-time peak. In 2000 there were 1,500 large scale farmers who grew 97%. Zimbabwe is the largest grower of tobacco in Africa, and 6th largest producer worldwide. China was their main export market with 54% accounting for all exports!

Zimbabwe Animal Production - Livestock

Zimbabwe is a country in Africa that has seen great success with their livestock sector. Cattle account for 35-38 percent of total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contributed by the agricultural sector, and over 80% of rural households own some sort or animal as well! This importance lies not only on providing meat to people's meals every day but also milk from cows which can be fermented into yogurt or cheese.

Agricultural markets Zimbabwe

Mbare Musika Market

Bindura Market

Chegutu Market

Gokwe Market

Gweru Market

Harare Market

Mutare Market

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Agricultural companies in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: agricultural machinery companies, food producer, farms, investment companies, agribusiness companies, rural services, agri commodities.

Tractor Provider Zimbabwe

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Machi Meat Mart and Wholesale

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