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Agriculture in Austria

Agriculture has been an important part of the Austrian economy since before recorded history. Despite a decline in share from nearly 3% to 1.5%, it continues to be valued not only for its contribution as food provider but also because agriculture serves social and political purposes here unlike other places around Europe where farming is much more undervalued. Austrian agricultural production is less than 1.5 % of the GDP. To make up for the lack of agricultural production, Austria relies on its farmers to provide services that impact other industries. For example they are a significant contributor towards renewable energy with over 30%! For centuries, farming in mountainous areas has been an integral part of Austrian culture. In 2010 about half 49% of farms in Austria had less than 10 hectares of agricultural land. These smaller, predominantly family-owned farms cover 31 140 ha and account for 11% total agriculture land across all classifications.
Two thirds of Austria’s 165 000 farms are located in the alpine mountains. The Austrian mountain farmers are experts in cultivating lush pastures. They maintain the pristine beauty that is so important for tourism, while also providing dairy products and beef to locals throughout Europe who enjoy this natural resource. The small towns near alpine areas thrive because their focus has shifted away from manufacturing towards selling amenities like skiing resorts or excellent hiking opportunities (which can be enjoyed year-round). Austria is a geographically diverse country with arable and mountain farming opportunities. In the east, corn production thrives in an environment that provides cold winters but hot summer days to dry out plants from excess moisture during rainfall. Wheat as well as other cereals such as barley or rye can also be grown. In recent years, Austria has emerged as the second biggest soybean producer in all of Europe. It's a country that is also well known for its pork and poultry production - especially on their arable regions! Austria has a significant contribution to the world of wine, with one percent being produced in this country. The flagship type is Gruener Veltliner which accounts for 37% vineyards at harvest time and produces beautiful wines that are loved by many people around the globe!

Agriculture production in Austria

Austria is a country of rich soils and verdant meadows. The region's natural beauty inspires palates from all over the world, who have come to enjoy its produce in both specialty dishes created byAustrian farmers or when it becomes one ingredient among many others for processed foods mass produced elsewhere around Europe.

Austria produced in 2018:
  • Austria sugar beet production 2.3 million tons
  • Austria maize production 2.1 million tons
  • Austria wheat production 1.3 million tons
  • Austria potato production 697 thousand tons
  • Austria barley production 695 thousand tons
  • Austria apple production 387 thousand tons
  • Austria grape production 367 thousand tons
  • Austria triticale production 278 thousand tons
  • Austria soybean production 184 thousand tons
  • Austria rye production 177 thousand tons
  • Austria onion production 132 thousand tons
  • Austria rapeseed production 120 thousand tons

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Agricultural companies in Austria


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Schlager Rosa

Eltendorf 7562 Austria

Christian Wilhelm

Langen 6932 Austria

Heinrich Ölschützer

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Christof Berger

Eugendorf 5301 Austria

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Max Riegelhofer Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Hindenburgstraße 10 Poysdorf 2170 Austria

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