Watermelon today price

Watermelon latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Watermelon cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2022-08-111 piece349349KSHWatermelon 1pieceATF Greens Limited
2022-08-111 kg1616INRwatermelonBattala Market
2022-08-111 kg0.81.1EURwatermelon Spain min Strasbourg
2022-08-111 piece2.52.5EURwatermelon mini - bio esL' Epicurie organic market
2022-08-111 kg14.914.9CZKwatermelon wood box (it)Michal Šimek s.r.o.
2022-08-111 kg2.252.25EURwatermelonsLa ferme Destexhe & Fils S.A.G.R. organic market
2022-08-10100 kg6001000INRWatermelon OtherGaddiannaram Market
2022-08-101 kg700800CRCfield watermelon - largeNational Center for Food Supply and Distribution
2022-08-101 kg500600CRCfield watermelon - mediumNational Center for Food Supply and Distribution
2022-08-10100 kg8001600INRwatermelonBinny Mill (F&V), Bangalore Market
2022-08-101 kg0.70.9EURwatermelon Italy MIN Rungis
2022-08-101 kg1.151.5EURwatermelon Spain MIN Nantes
2022-08-101 kg18001800COPwatermelon kiloMedellín Wholesale Markets
2022-08-101 kg0.91EURwatermelon seedless SpainLyon-Corbas market
2022-08-101 kg11.5EURwatermelon seedless Spain cat.I pack 2MIN Toulouse
2022-08-101 kg0.91.4EURwatermelon seedless Spain pack 2MIN Rungis
2022-08-09100 kg400600INRWatermelon OtherPune Market
2022-08-09100 kg18002880INRwatermelonShahabad Market
2022-08-091 kg11.3EURwatermelon black Spain cat.I parcel of 2-3min Marseille
2022-08-091 kg1.21.5EURwatermelon seedless Spain cat.I pack 4MIN Bordeaux-Brienne
2022-08-08100 kg10001800INRWatermelon OtherAjmer (F&V) Market
2022-08-081 kg1617THBhoney watermelon (yellow fresh) largeTalaad Thai Market
2022-08-081 kg1415THBhoney watermelon (yellow fresh) mediumTalaad Thai Market
2022-08-081 kg1213THBhoney watermelon (yellow fresh) smallTalaad Thai Market
2022-08-081 kg1.391.39EURred watermelon bostane round cal.4-9, 1.trLunys fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2022-08-081 kg1.191.19EURred watermelon zagora cal.10+dzLunys fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2022-08-081 kg1617THBsonia watermelon largeTalaad Thai Market
2022-08-081 kg1415THBsonia watermelon mediumTalaad Thai Market

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