Squid today price

Squid latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Squid cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-03-041 kg1015EURbaby squidMercamadrid
2024-03-041 kg5.55.5EURcalifornia frozen squidMercamadrid
2024-03-041 kg1316.5EURcalmarMercamadrid
2024-03-041 kg2.59.5EURfrozen baby squidMercamadrid
2024-03-041 kg59.8EURfrozen indian squidMercamadrid
2024-03-041 kg12.516EURfrozen national squidMercamadrid
2024-03-041 kg2.224.81EURfrozen roman squidMercamadrid
2024-03-041 kg59.5EURpatagonian frozen squidMercamadrid
2024-03-041 kg47EURsquid ringsMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg1015EURbaby squidMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg5.55.5EURcalifornia frozen squidMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg1316.5EURcalmarMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg2.59.5EURfrozen baby squidMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg59.8EURfrozen indian squidMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg12.516EURfrozen national squidMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg2.224.81EURfrozen roman squidMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg59.5EURpatagonian frozen squidMercamadrid
2024-02-291 kg47EURsquid ringsMercamadrid
2024-02-281 kg3733COPsquid rings kilogram 1 kgBogotá DC Corabastos Wholesale Market
2024-02-281 kg15.214COPwhite squid whole kilogram 1 kgBogotá DC Corabastos Wholesale Market
2024-02-271 kg30.529COPsquid rings kilogram 1 kgCali Santa Elena Wholesale Market
2024-02-271 kg1615COPwhite squid whole kilogram 1 kgCali Santa Elena Wholesale Market
2024-02-261 kg1019EURbaby squidMercamadrid
2024-02-261 kg5.55.5EURcalifornia frozen squidMercamadrid
2024-02-261 kg1116.5EURcalmarMercamadrid
2024-02-261 kg23.75EURflying or frozen calmar ringMercamadrid
2024-02-261 kg59.8EURfrozen indian squidMercamadrid
2024-02-261 kg12.516EURfrozen national squidMercamadrid

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