Ridge Gourd today price

Ridge Gourd latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Ridge Gourd cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-09-281 kg2016THBangled luffaTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-281 kg2929INRridge gourdViluppuram Wholesale Market
2023-09-281 kg2020INRridge gourd (out of state)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2023-09-251 kg1620THBangled luffaTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-251 kg2020INRridge gourdPudukkottai Market
2023-09-251 kg2020INRridge gourd (kerala)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2023-09-251 kg4040INRridge gourd (out of state)Aluva Wholesale Market
2023-09-211 kg1020THBangled luffaTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-211 kg2020INRridge gourdSalem Market
2023-09-211 kg2020INRridge gourd (kerala)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2023-09-211 kg6060INRridge gourd (out of state)Alapuzha Wholesale Market
2023-09-181 kg810THBangled luffaTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-181 kg2020INRridge gourdPune Market
2023-09-181 kg2020INRridge gourd (kerala)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2023-09-181 kg4545INRridge gourd (out of state)Thalassery Wholesale Market
2023-09-18100 kg15001500INRToria (Ridged Gourd) OtherBariwala Market
2023-09-141 kg2020INRridge gourdRanchi Market
2023-09-141 kg2020INRridge gourd (kerala)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2023-09-141 kg3030INRridge gourd (out of state)Thrissur Wholesale Market
2023-09-111 kg1016THBangled luffaTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-111 kg2020INRridge gourdNellore Market
2023-09-111 kg2020INRridge gourd (kerala)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2023-09-111 kg4040INRridge gourd (out of state)Thalassery Wholesale Market
2023-09-08100 kg16001600INRToria (Ridged Gourd) OtherBariwala Market
2023-09-071 kg1016THBangled luffaTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-071 kg2020INRridge gourdRameswaram Market
2023-09-071 kg2020INRridge gourd (kerala)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2023-09-071 kg3030INRridge gourd (out of state)Thrissur Wholesale Market

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