Rapeseed today price

Rapeseed latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Rapeseed cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-05-201 kg22.6CNYrapeseedbeichen district hanjiashu market
2024-05-191 kg1.82.2CNYrapeseedgold ingot market in binhai new area
2024-05-181 kg23.2CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-05-161 kg1.62.6CNYrapeseedhongqi market xiqing district
2024-05-151 kg23.2CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-05-141 kg23.2CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-05-131 kg23CNYrapeseedadmiralty market dongli district
2024-05-121 kg22.6CNYrapeseedbeichen district hanjiashu market
2024-05-111 kg23.2CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-05-091 kg1.62.8CNYrapeseedhezhuangzi market jinnan district
2024-05-081 kg23.2CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-05-071 kg23.2CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-05-051 kg61.881.1CNYrapeseedLinjiang Night Market
2024-05-021 kg15.156CNYrapeseedFengshan Market
2024-05-021 kg31.162CNYrapeseed komatsuLinjiang Night Market
2024-04-291 kg22.6CNYrapeseedbeichen district hanjiashu market
2024-04-281 kg22.6CNYrapeseedbeichen district hanjiashu market
2024-04-271 kg1.82.6CNYrapeseeddashahe market wuqing district
2024-04-251 kg13.729.7CNYrapeseedPingtung City Market
2024-04-251 kg1540CNYrapeseed komatsuLinjiang Night Market
2024-04-241 kg24CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-04-231 kg24CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-04-221 kg23.6CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-04-211 kg23.6CNYrapeseeddangcheng market xiqing district
2024-04-201 kg1.42.4CNYrapeseedhongqi market xiqing district
2024-04-181 kg7.621.2CNYrapeseedPingtung City Market
2024-04-181 kg1430CNYrapeseed komatsuLinjiang Night Market
2024-04-171 kg22.4CNYrapeseedbeichen district hanjiashu market

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