Peach today price

Peach latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Peach cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-04-221 kg1.55EURflat peachMercamadrid
2024-04-221 kg1020CNYlucuma peachChiayi City Market
2024-04-221 kg6.56.5EURnon local flat peachesMercatenerife
2024-04-221 kg3275CNYpeach earlyChiayi City Market
2024-04-221 kg100130CNYpeach importChiayi City Market
2024-04-221 kg67.3228CNYPeach OtherDongshi Township Market
2024-04-221 kg114.4222.2CNYpeach sweetDongshi Township Market
2024-04-221 kg55EURpeaches non local networkMercatenerife
2024-04-221 kg1.54.5EURred peachMercamadrid
2024-04-211 kg59.977.6CNYpeach sweetSanchong Market
2024-04-201 kg88COPpeach national kilogram 1 kgBogotá DC Corabastos Wholesale Market
2024-04-191 kg180220RSDimported peachBelgrade Wholesale Market
2024-04-191 kg7.27.2EURpeach white flesh Spain cat.I CMIN Nantes
2024-04-191 kg77EURpeach yellow flesh Spain cat.I AMIN Rungis
2024-04-191 kg6.27EURpeach yellow flesh Spain cat.I BMIN Nantes
2024-04-181 kg15EURflat peachMercamadrid
2024-04-181 kg180220RSDimported peachBelgrade Wholesale Market
2024-04-181 kg51.1115.4CNYpeach earlyDongshi Township Market
2024-04-1810 kg7372COPpeach national carboard box 10 kgBucaramanga Centroabastos Wholesale Market
2024-04-181 kg8.58COPpeach national kilogram 1 kgBogotá DC Corabastos Wholesale Market
2024-04-181 kg86.8264.6CNYPeach OtherDongshi Township Market
2024-04-181 kg68.1214.4CNYpeach peachLinjiang Night Market
2024-04-181 kg59.887.1CNYpeach sweetSanchong Market
2024-04-181 kg2.13.5EURpeach yellow flesh Spain cat.I B tray 1layermin Strasbourg
2024-04-1810 kg2424GBPpeaches (10x1kg pre pack)George Perry Ltd.
2024-04-183 kg1414GBPpeaches (24 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2024-04-181 kg2.26.25EURpeaches others non localMercatenerife
2024-04-181 kg1.54.5EURred peachMercamadrid

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