Parsley today price

Parsley latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Parsley cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2022-08-11bunch2929KSHParsley 1bunchATF Greens Limited
2022-08-111 piece1.951.95EURcurly parsleyLa ferme Destexhe & Fils S.A.G.R. organic market
2022-08-111 piece29.929.9CZKflat-leaf parsley (125g) - tubBedýnkov fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2022-08-111 kg50.950.9CZKparsley (de)Michal Šimek s.r.o.
2022-08-111 kg33.9EURparsley curly EUmin Strasbourg
2022-08-11pack39.939.9CZKparsley leaves bundle czEkofarma Rohoznice
2022-08-111 kg69.969.9CZKparsley root cz kgEkofarma Rohoznice
2022-08-111 kg2.84.8EURparsley simple U.E. min Strasbourg
2022-08-11pack39.939.9CZKparsley smooth-leaved bundle czEkofarma Rohoznice
2022-08-111 kg2.952.95EURroot parsleyLa ferme Destexhe & Fils S.A.G.R. organic market
2022-08-101 kg0.750.8EURparsley France (bunch)MIN Nantes
2022-08-101 kg2.22.9EURparsley curly FranceLyon-Corbas market
2022-08-101 kg80008000COPparsley kiloMedellín Wholesale Markets
2022-08-101 kg1.61.9EURparsley puglia bouquet leaf larga class 1Veronamercato SpA
2022-08-101 kg77.5EURparsley ricci puglia cage class 1Veronamercato SpA
2022-08-101 kg2.22.9EURparsley simple France Lyon-Corbas market
2022-08-101 kg22EURparsley simple Italy MIN Rungis
2022-08-091 kg0.680.68EURparsley EU (bunch)MIN Bordeaux-Brienne
2022-08-091 kg0.70.75EURparsley France bunch (bunch)MIN Bordeaux-Brienne
2022-08-091 kg22EURparsley simple France min Marseille
2022-08-081 kg4.394.39EURcurly parsley, 1.trLunys fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2022-08-081 kg1.791.79EURherbs – flat parsleyBoereGoed organic market
2022-08-081 kg100100THBimported parsleyTalaad Thai Market
2022-08-081 kg2.982.98EURpackaged parsley 500g fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2022-08-081 kg0.60.6EURparsleyMercalicante
2022-08-085 kg1414GBPparsley (3kg)George Perry Ltd.
2022-08-081 kg40100UAHparsley (dom.)Shuvar market
2022-08-081 kg0.960.96EURparsley France BIO (bunch)min Strasbourg

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