Narciss today price

Narciss latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Narciss cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-07-101 kg6262CNYimported narciss lily purpleTaipei Market
2023-06-261 kg161161CNYimported narciss lily powderTaipei Market
2023-06-231 kg6585CNYnarciss lily mixed colorTaipei Market
2023-06-231 kg75110CNYnarciss lily whiteTaipei Market
2023-06-191 kg158158CNYimported narciss lily orangeTaipei Market
2023-06-191 kg230230CNYimported narciss lily powderTaipei Market
2023-06-191 kg220220CNYimported narciss lily whiteTaipei Market
2023-06-121 kg109130CNYnarciss lily orangeTaipei Market
2023-06-121 kg140140CNYnarciss lily powderTaipei Market
2023-05-291 kg122122CNYnarciss lily mixed colorTaipei Market
2023-05-291 kg6788CNYnarciss lily orangeTaipei Market
2023-05-291 kg89130CNYnarciss lily powderTaipei Market
2023-05-151 kg7687CNYnarciss lily orangeTaipei Market
2023-05-151 kg122135CNYnarciss lily powderTaipei Market
2023-04-171 kg100100CNYnarciss lily mixed colorTaizhong Market
2023-04-171 kg6868CNYnarciss lily orangeKaohsiung Market
2023-04-171 kg4141CNYnarciss lily purpleTaizhong Market
2023-04-141 kg2727CNYnarciss lily purpleXihu Township Market
2023-04-121 kg9595CNYimported narciss lily mixed colorTaizhong Market
2023-04-121 kg6767CNYimported narciss lily orangeXihu Township Market
2023-04-121 kg9292CNYimported narciss lily powderTaizhong Market
2023-04-121 kg8383CNYimported narciss lily purpleXihu Township Market
2023-04-121 kg7171CNYimported narciss lily whiteXihu Township Market
2023-04-121 kg7171CNYimported narciss lily yellowXihu Township Market
2023-04-121 kg4242CNYnarciss lily orangeKaohsiung Market
2023-04-081 kg3939CNYnarciss lily purpleXihu Township Market
2023-04-041 kg6363CNYnarciss lily purpleXihu Township Market
2023-04-031 kg109109CNYimported narciss lily whiteKaohsiung Market

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