Mango today price

Mango latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Mango cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-04-111 kg2020LEVdried mango kgFermi BG Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg833833RWFmangomuhanga market
2024-04-111 piece2.882.88EURmango 1pcOvocníčkovo fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2024-04-114 kg1010GBPmango (8 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2024-04-111 kg95.5283.1CNYmango ai wenGuting Market
2024-04-111 kg21.151.6CNYmango green Guting Market
2024-04-111 kg3030INRmango (green) (kerala)Alapuzha Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg3030INRmango (green) (out of state)Aluva Wholesale Market
2024-04-111 kg8.210.45EURmango Import airMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2024-04-111 kg34.856.3CNYmango islandFengshan Market
2024-04-111 kg62.2126.5CNYmango jinhuangSanchong Market
2024-04-111 kg139139KSHMango Ngowe 1kgATF Greens Limited
2024-04-11pack80120ZARMango Other 1 Carton Open Top (4kg)Cape Town Market
2024-04-111 piece1200012000CLPmango unspecified first class tray 4 kgFemacal de La Calera
2024-04-111 piece800010000CLPmango unspecified second class tray 4 kgMercado Mayorista Lo Valledor de Santiago
2024-04-111 piece800010000CLPmango unspecified special tray 4 kgMercado Mayorista Lo Valledor de Santiago
2024-04-111 kg149149KSHMangoApple 1kgATF Greens Limited
2024-04-111 kg19EURmangoesMercamadrid
2024-04-111 kg30.0530.05ZARmangoes (economic pack)johannesburg market
2024-04-111 kg5555ZARmangoes keitt (standard tray)bloemfontein (mangaung) market
2024-04-111 kg3838ZARmangoes kent (standard tray)bloemfontein (mangaung) market
2024-04-111 kg2525KESmangoes localnairobi market
2024-04-111 kg5555KESmangoes ngowenairobi market
2024-04-111 kg15.517CNYmustard greenBanqiao District Market
2024-04-101 kg1012CNYmangohongqi market xiqing district
2024-04-101 kg4.84.8EURmango Amélie Mali airMIN Rungis
2024-04-101 kg19.2920MXNmango Ataulfo class I pack 28kg ChiapasCentro Comercial Agropecuario de Aguascalientes
2024-04-10100 kg50006000INRmango badamiDurg Market

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