Lime today price

Lime latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Lime cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-06-011 kg90100TRYlimeIstambul Wholesale Markets
2023-06-011 kg19002000THBlime 400fruits/sackTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-011 kg9001000THBlime 500fruits/sackTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-011 kg500600THBlime 600fruits/sackTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-011 kg110110INRlime (big) (kerala)Thalassery Wholesale Market
2023-06-011 kg6060INRlime (big) (out of state)Manjeri Wholesale Market
2023-06-011 kg150170UAHlime (imp.)Shuvar market
2023-06-01100 kg25003000INRLime (Lemon) AverageDavanagere Market
2023-06-011 kg33INRlime (small) (out of state)Manjeri Wholesale Market
2023-06-011 kg2.83EURlocal limeMercatenerife
2023-05-31100 kg42304320INRlimeTanda Market
2023-05-311 kg22.6EURlime Brazil boatLyon-Corbas market
2023-05-311 kg1.72.2EURlime Brazil boat containerMIN Rungis
2023-05-311 kg2.43.8EURlime Import boatMIN Nantes
2023-05-311 kg3.53.8EURlime Import boat cartonmin Nice
2023-05-311 kg6.97.5EURlime Import planeMIN Nantes
2023-05-31100 pieces100100USDlime (m)Norris Deonarine Northern Wholesale Market
2023-05-31100 kg5005300INRLime OtherSolapur Market
2023-05-30100 kg54008100INRlimeUdupi Market
2023-05-301 kg2.83.5EURlime Brazil boatMIN Bordeaux-Brienne
2023-05-30100 kg5004900INRLime OtherSolapur Market
2023-05-291 kg90100TRYlimeIstambul Wholesale Markets
2023-05-291 kg25002600THBlime 400fruits/sackTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-291 kg14001500THBlime 500fruits/sackTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-291 kg500600THBlime 600fruits/sackTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-291 kg5050INRlime (big) (kerala)Palakkad Wholesale Market
2023-05-291 kg8585INRlime (big) (out of state)Alapuzha Wholesale Market
2023-05-291 kg150160UAHlime (imp.)Shuvar market

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