Ginger today price

Ginger latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Ginger cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-03-041 piece2.52.5KWDchinese ginger 3 kgAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2024-03-041 kg1717LEVdried ginger kgFermi BG Wholesale Market
2024-03-041 kg200200NGNfresh gingerzuba fruit market
2024-03-041 kg199.9199.9CZKfresh ginger kgEkofarma Rohoznice
2024-03-041 kg810CNYgingerhezhuangzi market jinnan district
2024-03-04pack2001400ZARGinger 1 Carton (10kg)Cape Town Market
2024-03-04pack30650ZARGinger 1 Carton (5kg)Cape Town Market
2024-03-04pack400400ZARGinger 2 Carton (10kg)Cape Town Market
2024-03-040,5 kg9999KSHGinger 500gramsATF Greens Limited
2024-03-04100 kg4370044100PKRginger (china)Bhakkar Market
2024-03-04100 kg900012000INRGinger (Dry) Big/ThickDoraha Market
2024-03-04100 kg3500036000INRGinger (Dry) DryPerumbavoor Market
2024-03-04100 kg1100013000INRGinger (Dry) OtherTanda Urmur Market
2024-03-04100 kg1850020000INRGinger (Green)Nutanbazar Market
2024-03-04100 kg1300015000INRGinger (Green) OtherChamba Market
2024-03-041 kg5.15.3EURginger ImportMIN Nantes
2024-03-041 kg100100INRginger (kerala)Alapuzha Wholesale Market
2024-03-041 kg110110INRginger (out of state)Ernakulam Wholesale Market
2024-03-041 kg170190UAHginger root (fresh) (imp.)Shuvar market
2024-03-04100 kg4650047000PKRginger(thai)Pasrur Market
2024-03-041 piece2.52.5KWDindian ginger 3 kgAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2024-03-041 kg4.955EURnon local gingerMercatenerife
2024-03-031 kg810CNYgingeradmiralty market dongli district
2024-03-03100 kg4370044100PKRginger (china)Bhakkar Market
2024-03-03100 kg1200013000INRGinger (Dry) OtherBhuntar Market
2024-03-03100 kg1850020000INRGinger (Green)Nutanbazar Market
2024-03-03100 kg1050010700INRGinger (Green) OtherKayamkulam Market
2024-03-031 kg18.625.6CNYginger oldPingtung City Market

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