Frog today price

Frog latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Frog cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-06-011 kg135145THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-011 kg125130THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-291 kg135145THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-291 kg125130THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-251 kg135145THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-251 kg125130THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-221 kg135145THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-221 kg125130THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-181 kg135145THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-181 kg125130THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-081 kg140150THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-081 kg130150THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-041 kg140150THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-05-041 kg130150THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-241 kg140150THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-241 kg135145THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-201 kg140150THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-201 kg130140THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-171 kg135150THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-171 kg130140THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-131 kg135150THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-131 kg125130THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-111 kg135150THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-111 kg125130THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-031 kg125130THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-04-031 kg120125THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-271 kg125130THBfrog largeTalaad Thai Market
2023-03-271 kg120125THBfrog smallTalaad Thai Market

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