Corn today price

Corn latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Corn cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-06-011 kg6262INRbaby cornGuntur Market
2023-06-010,25 kg8989KSHBaby corn 250gpunnetATF Greens Limited
2023-06-012 kg1616GBPbaby sweetcorn (12 x 130gr)George Perry Ltd.
2023-06-011 kg2626INRcornBhopal Wholesale Market
2023-06-011 kg6.715.4CNYcorn babySanchong Market
2023-06-011 kg0.350.35ZWDcorn drybindura market
2023-06-011 kg400400RWFcorn flourkibungo market
2023-06-011 kg3.313.2CNYcorn glutinous rice (black)Sanchong Market
2023-06-011 kg6.614.6CNYcorn glutinous rice (white)Banqiao District Market
2023-06-011 kg950950UGXcorn grainlira main market
2023-06-011 kg82.5153.6CNYcorn importLinjiang Night Market
2023-06-011 kg1.82.4EURCorn LocalMercatenerife
2023-06-011 kg13.520.7CNYCorn OtherXihu Township Market
2023-06-011 kg19.455.2CNYcorn super sweet whiteLinjiang Night Market
2023-06-011 kg1.51.8EURcorn sveet localMercatenerife
2023-06-011 kg3.64.05EURcorn sveet no localMercatenerife
2023-06-011 piece1400015000CLPcorn sweet or americano first class mesh 60 unitsMercado Mayorista Lo Valledor de Santiago
2023-06-011 piece1100012000CLPcorn sweet or americano first class mesh 70 unitsComercializadora del Agro de Limari
2023-06-011 piece200250CLPcorn sweet or americano first class unitTerminal La Palmera de La Serena
2023-06-011 kg3.910CNYcorn sweet soft shellSanchong Market
2023-06-011 kg3.44.4CNYfresh corndashahe market wuqing district
2023-06-011 kg3550THBfresh corn seedsTalaad Thai Market
2023-06-011 piece0.410.41KWDkuwaiti maize, class aAlforda Central Fruits and Vegetables Market
2023-06-01100 kg72508750PKRmaizeArifwala Market
2023-06-011 piece39.939.9CZKprecooked sweet corn 400 gEkofarma Rohoznice
2023-06-0112 kg1414GBPsweet cornGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-06-01pack40225ZARSweet corn Baby Prepack Punnet (2kg)Cape Town Market
2023-06-01pack80225ZARSweet corn Baby Single Layer (2.5kg)Cape Town Market

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