Chickpeas today price

Chickpeas latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Chickpeas cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-05-23100 kg2250023000PKRgram white (imported)Kalur Kot Market
2024-05-23100 kg2600027000PKRgram white (local)Gujrat Market
2024-05-22100 kg2250023000PKRgram white (imported)Kalur Kot Market
2024-05-22100 kg2350024000PKRgram white (local)Bhakkar Market
2024-05-21100 kg2250023000PKRgram white (imported)Kalur Kot Market
2024-05-21100 kg2350024000PKRgram white (local)Bhakkar Market
2024-05-20100 kg2250023000PKRgram white (imported)Kalur Kot Market
2024-05-20100 kg2650027000PKRgram white (local)Mailsi Market
2024-05-19100 kg2250023000PKRgram white (imported)Kalur Kot Market
2024-05-19100 kg2350024000PKRgram white (local)Bhakkar Market
2024-05-18100 kg2250023000PKRgram white (imported)Kalur Kot Market
2024-05-18100 kg2350024000PKRgram white (local)Bhakkar Market
2024-05-17100 kg2250023000PKRgram white (imported)Kalur Kot Market
2024-05-17100 kg2350024000PKRgram white (local)Bhakkar Market
2024-05-16100 kg2900029000PKRgram white (imported)Lahore Market
2024-05-16100 kg3100031000PKRgram white (local)Lahore Market
2024-05-15100 kg2900029000PKRgram white (imported)Lahore Market
2024-05-15100 kg3100031000PKRgram white (local)Lahore Market
2024-05-14100 kg2900029000PKRgram white (imported)Lahore Market
2024-05-14100 kg3100031000PKRgram white (local)Lahore Market
2024-05-13100 kg2780028200PKRgram white (imported)Sarai Alamgir Market
2024-05-13100 kg2800031500PKRgram white (local)Rawalpindi Market
2024-05-12100 kg2450030500PKRgram white (imported)Faisalabad Market
2024-05-12100 kg2800028500PKRgram white (local)Jhelum Market
2024-05-11100 kg3000030000PKRgram white (imported)Pakpattan Market
2024-05-11100 kg2950030000PKRgram white (local)Okara Market
2024-05-10100 kg3000030000PKRgram white (imported)Pakpattan Market
2024-05-10100 kg2450025500PKRgram white (local)Chiniot Market

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