Chicken today price

Chicken latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Chicken cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-09-281 kg1215EURbig roosterMercamadrid
2023-09-281 kg250280THBboiled chickenTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-281 kg1.942.35EURchickenMercamadrid
2023-09-281 kg146149UAHchicken breast (dom.)Shuvar market
2023-09-281 kg8585UAHchicken carcasse (broiler) (dom.)Shuvar market
2023-09-281 kg7780UAHchicken drumstick (dom.)Shuvar market
2023-09-281 kg106110UAHchicken forcemeat (dom.)Shuvar market
2023-09-281 kg8081UAHchicken leg (dom.)Shuvar market
2023-09-281 kg8090UAHchicken liver (dom.)Shuvar market
2023-09-281 piece2700027000UGXchicken localgulu main market
2023-09-281 kg109146UAHchicken thigh (dom.)Shuvar market
2023-09-281 kg8085UAHchicken wing (dom.)Shuvar market
2023-09-281 piece90009000UGXexotic chickenmbale central market
2023-09-281 kg8095THBhalves fresh chickenTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-281 kg3.316.46EURhens or chickensMercamadrid
2023-09-281 kg37EURlittle roosterMercamadrid
2023-09-281 kg1616CNYlivestock and poultry products white striped chickenbohai rim green agricultural products trading logistics center
2023-09-281 piece1200012000UGXlocal chickenmbale central market
2023-09-281 kg5.89EURmedium roosterMercamadrid
2023-09-281 kg7080THBwhole fresh chickenTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-281 kg100105THBwingTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-281 kg8085THBwing drummettesTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-281 kg135146THBwing mid sectionTalaad Thai Market
2023-09-271 kg1250012500COPchicken whole kiloMedellín Wholesale Markets
2023-09-27pack9.499.49BRLfarm birds kg pe chicken chilled estCentro de Abastecimento e Logística de Pernambuco
2023-09-27pack5.85.8BRLfarm birds kg pe chicken live fraCentro de Abastecimento e Logística de Pernambuco
2023-09-27pack8.498.49BRLfarm birds kg pe frozen estCentro de Abastecimento e Logística de Pernambuco
2023-09-271 kg14.815.8CNYlivestock and poultry products white striped chickengold ingot market in binhai new area

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