Celery today price

Celery latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Celery cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-05-161 kg1.991.99EURceleriacBoereGoed organic market
2024-05-161 kg34CNYcelerydashahe market wuqing district
2024-05-161 piece1.591.59EURcelery 1 kgOvocníčkovo fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2024-05-16bunch9999KSHCelery 1bunchATF Greens Limited
2024-05-161 piece1400014000CLPcelery american first class dozen bushesFemacal de La Calera
2024-05-161 piece1000011000CLPcelery american second class dozen bushesMercado Mayorista Lo Valledor de Santiago
2024-05-160,60 kg1.51.6CNYcelery cattysuzhou nanhuan bridge market
2024-05-161 kg1.251.25EURcelery for pieceBoereGoed organic market
2024-05-161 kg1.72EURcelery France tray (piece)MIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2024-05-161 kg1.61.97EURcelery greens France cat.I trayMIN Avignon-Cavaillon
2024-05-161 kg0.650.9EURgreen celeryMercamadrid
2024-05-161 kg1.82EURlocal celeryMercatenerife
2024-05-161 kg1.51.5EURnon local celeryMercatenerife
2024-05-151 kg2.22.8CNYcelerydangcheng market xiqing district
2024-05-151 kg1.51.7EURcelery bianco spain cellophan tgarlicato class 2Veronamercato SpA
2024-05-151 kg1833.332166.67ARScelery bs.as. 1st class large hothouseMercado Central de Buenos Aires
2024-05-151 kg1166.671666.67ARScelery bs.as. 1st class medium toro hothouseMercado Central de Buenos Aires
2024-05-1510 kg1918COPcelery bundle/bunch 10 kgBarranquilla Barranquillita Wholesale Market
2024-05-151 kg9.510.5MXNcelery class I pack 20kg ZacatecasCentro Comercial Agropecuario de Aguascalientes
2024-05-15pack4090ZARCelery Decon (3kg)Cape Town Market
2024-05-151 kg1.41.65EURcelery Francemin Strasbourg
2024-05-151 kg1.71.8EURcelery France (piece)MIN Toulouse
2024-05-151 kg2.53.5EURcelery France traymin Nice
2024-05-151 kg1.82EURcelery France tray (piece)MIN Nantes
2024-05-151 kg11.2EURcelery green da aroma p.v.n. pan pz.3 class 2Veronamercato SpA
2024-05-151 kg1.11.9EURcelery greens EU cat.Imin Strasbourg
2024-05-151 kg1.41.7EURcelery greens France cat.IMIN Toulouse
2024-05-151 kg1.11.2EURcelery greens Italy cat.ILyon-Corbas market

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