Carnation today price

Carnation latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Carnation cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-04-151 kg2040CNYcarnation cherry redTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg2430CNYcarnation many flowers redTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg4040CNYcarnation many white flowersTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg3751CNYcarnation powderTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg4545CNYcarnation redTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg134134CNYimported carnation cherry redTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg138138CNYimported carnation light pinkTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg134137CNYimported carnation mixed colorTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg122122CNYimported carnation orangeTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg78140CNYimported carnation powderTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg100100CNYimported carnation purpleTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg91135CNYimported carnation redTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg78103CNYimported carnation whiteTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg9595CNYimported carnation yellowTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg65140CNYimported carnation zhongdaTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg126126CNYimported carnations purple with leucorrheaTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg8392CNYimported carnations with mixed colorsTaipei Market
2024-04-151 kg3144CNYmultiple carnations (mixed colors)Taipei Market
2024-04-151 kg2837CNYpink peony-flowered tulipTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg4751CNYcarnation deep pinkTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg2034CNYcarnation many flowers redTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg2121CNYcarnation mixed colorTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg4549CNYcarnation persian pinkTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg4444CNYcarnation redTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg2424CNYcarnations orangeTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg00CNYcarnations with many cherry red flowersTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg3939CNYcarnations with many flowers and purpleTaipei Market
2024-04-081 kg3232CNYcarnations with many red and white flowersTaipei Market

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