Bean today price

Bean latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Bean cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2024-05-200,60 kg2.54.5CNYbean king cattysuzhou nanhuan bridge market
2024-05-202 kg6.56.5GBPbean sprouts (8 x 100gr)George Perry Ltd.
2024-05-201 kg320370RSDbean tetovacBelgrade Wholesale Market
2024-05-201 kg6.49CNYbeansbeichen district hanjiashu market
2024-05-20pack1515ZARbeans evergreens green cello packetEvergreens The Fresh Market
2024-05-20pack89.9589.95ZARbeans freshcut green mix 1.5kgEvergreens The Fresh Market
2024-05-201 kg240260RSDbeans gradištanacBelgrade Wholesale Market
2024-05-20pack49.9549.95ZARbeans green boxEvergreens The Fresh Market
2024-05-201 kg26EURboby green beanMercamadrid
2024-05-201 kg3.953.95EURborlotti beansLa ferme Destexhe & Fils S.A.G.R. organic market
2024-05-201 kg1.61.6EURbroad beans on fieldLa ferme Destexhe & Fils S.A.G.R. organic market
2024-05-200,60 kg22.5CNYcrate beans cattysuzhou nanhuan bridge market
2024-05-200,5 kg5050KSHFine beans 500gramsATF Greens Limited
2024-05-203 kg1414GBPfine green beansGeorge Perry Ltd.
2024-05-201 kg9090INRfrench beansAlwal Rythu Bazar
2024-05-201 kg170170INRfrench beans (out of state)Thrissur Wholesale Market
2024-05-201 kg1.256EURgreen bean heldaMercamadrid
2024-05-201 kg1.52.25EURgreen beansMercamadrid
2024-05-201 kg1.991.99EURgreen beans from the greenhouse 100 gr.BoereGoed organic market
2024-05-201 kg4.57EURhuge green beansMercamadrid
2024-05-201 kg240300RSDimported beansBelgrade Wholesale Market
2024-05-201 kg220250RSDimported green beansBelgrade Wholesale Market
2024-05-201 kg70100TRYkidney beanIstambul Wholesale Markets
2024-05-201 kg1.351.35EURlarge butterhead lettuce from top kropBoereGoed organic market
2024-05-201 kg22.5EURlocal flat beansMercatenerife
2024-05-201 kg2.952.95EURmarsh beansLa ferme Destexhe & Fils S.A.G.R. organic market
2024-05-20100 kg2550026000PKRmoongOkara Market
2024-05-20100 kg2750028000PKRmoong pulseBhakkar Market

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