Apricot today price

Apricot latest wholesale market global (world) price. How much does today Apricot cost?

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2022-08-11pack3838QARApricot Pakistan Size 2 Carton Small Central Market Sailiya
2022-08-111 kg160160INRapricotHowrah Market
2022-08-111 kg2.553EURapricot France cat.I 40-45mmmin Strasbourg
2022-08-111 kg2.553.7EURapricot France cat.I 45-50mmmin Strasbourg
2022-08-111 kg4.034.03EURapricot France cat.I 50-55mmmin Strasbourg
2022-08-111 kg2.592.59EURapricot cal. 40+ 1.tr.Lunys fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2022-08-11100 kg1800018700PKRapricot whiteKanganpur Market
2022-08-111 kg50.950.9CZKapricots (it)Michal Šimek s.r.o.
2022-08-111 kg2.992.99EURapricots for 500 gramBoereGoed organic market
2022-08-111 kg11.3911.39EURdried apricotsLunys fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2022-08-111 kg104.5104.5EURlyophilized apricots 20g vitacupLunys fruit & vegetable wholesaler
2022-08-101 kg1.51.8EURapricot France cat.I 35-40mmMIN Nantes
2022-08-101 kg2.22.7EURapricot France cat.I 40-45mmMIN Nantes
2022-08-101 kg1.82.3EURapricot France cat.I 40-45mm trayBerlin market
2022-08-101 kg2.52.6EURapricot France cat.I 45-50mmMIN Toulouse
2022-08-101 kg2.53EURapricot France cat.I 45-50mm tray Berlin market
2022-08-101 kg33.4EURapricot France cat.I 50-55mmMIN Nantes
2022-08-101 kg33.4EURapricot France cat.I 50-60mm tray Berlin market
2022-08-101 kg1.82.4EURapricot late varieties France cat.I 40-45mm bulkMIN Rungis
2022-08-101 kg2.53.5EURapricot late varieties France cat.I 50-55mm bulkMIN Rungis
2022-08-101 kg23EURapricot późne odmiany France cat.I 45-50mmMIN Rungis
2022-08-091 kg3.553.55EURapricot France cat.I 45-50mmMIN Lomme-Lille
2022-08-091 kg8.59.5EURapricot dry Turkey 60-80/kgMIN Rungis
2022-08-091 kg33.6EURapricot orange red type France cat.I 45-50mm trayMIN Bordeaux-Brienne
2022-08-091 kg34EURapricot orange red type France cat.I 50-55mm trayMIN Bordeaux-Brienne
2022-08-091 kg3.23.2EURapricot orange red type France cat.I 50-55mm tray 1layermin Marseille
2022-08-081 kg300400UAHapricot dried standart (imp.)Shuvar market
2022-08-08100 kg1800018700PKRapricot whitePatoki Market

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