United Kingdom today price 2023-03-20

United Kingdom today price: food, agriculture products, fish, flowers, meats, groceries, foodstuffs, victuals - latest wholesale market price.

DateUnitMin priceMax priceCurrencyProductStock
2023-03-205 kg17.517.5GBPapricots (10 x500g pre pack)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg1414GBPapricots (5kg loose)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg2828GBPartichoke (12 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg3636GBPasparagus (12 bunches)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg1515GBPaubergines x5kgGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-202 kg1111GBPbaby sweetcorn (12 x 130gr)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg1414GBPbaking potatoes (40 or 60 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2018 kg2828GBPbananas (80 pieces per box)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-202 kg6.56.5GBPbean sprouts (8 x 100gr)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-206 kg2626GBPbeef tomatoes (6kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg1010GBPbeetroot (loose) x10kgGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-201 kg1616GBPblueberries (8 x 125gr)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2012 kg4040GBPbramley apples (cooking) x12kgGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg2222GBPbroad beans (10kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-206 kg2424GBPbroccoli (6kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg18.518.5GBPbroccoli purple sprouting broccoli (3kg box)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg1919GBPbrussel sprouts (x9kg net)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg8.88.8GBPbutternut squash (10kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-203 kg6.56.5GBPbutton / cup mushrooms x3kg boxGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg12.512.5GBPcabbage red (x10 kg net)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg1212GBPcantaloupe melons (6 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg1010GBPcarrots (x10kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2012 kg1616GBPcauliflower (x8 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg2020GBPcelery (16 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-203 kg3030GBPchillies (various) x3kgGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg2424GBPclementines (80 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg16.516.5GBPclementines (with leaf) x 80 piecesGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2012 kg1616GBPcomice pear/wiliiam/forelle (12 kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2012 kg18.518.5GBPconference pears (80 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2025 kg2424GBPcooking onions (x20kg bags)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg1616GBPcourgettes (x5kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2012 kg3030GBPcox's apples (x80 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-204 kg1717GBPcucumbers (16 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg9.59.5GBPdates (ravier) 25 x 200grGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg3030GBPfigs (20 packets- dried)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-203 kg1414GBPfine green beansGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-204 kg1515GBPfuji apples (chinese)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg9.69.6GBPgalia melon (6 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2012 kg1818GBPgolden delicious apples (74 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2012 kg1818GBPgranny smith apples (74 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg1414GBPgreen peppers (5kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-204,5 kg1616GBPgreen/white seedless grapes (loose) x4.5kgGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2012 kg1212GBPhoneydew/yellow melons (7 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-206 kg2020GBPiceberg lettuce (12 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg1515GBPkale (x2.5kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-203 kg7.57.5GBPkiwi fruit (30 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2010 kg1010GBPkohlrabiGeorge Perry Ltd.
2023-03-205 kg1515GBPleeks (x5kg)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-2015 kg2222GBPlemons (80 pieces)George Perry Ltd.
2023-03-206 kg1515GBPlittle gem lettuce (10 pieces)George Perry Ltd.

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