Water Caltrop (Lin-Kok) global price quotes

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horn chestnut water caltrop

Price range: 30 - 35 THB / 1 kg | Market: Talaad Thai Market | Date: 2022-05-23

Water Caltrop (lin-kok)

The nuts and the seeds inside them are the parts eaten, either raw or roasted. The nut has a bitter taste and an acrid smell. The fresh husks contain rotenone, which is used as a fish poison and insecticide; they should be handled with care. The nuts contain the alkaloids linamarin and lotaustralin, which can be hydrolyzed to the toxic cyanogenic glycoside. Linseed oil can be used as a garnish or as an ingredient in paints and also as a drying oil in oil painting, where it has been traditional for centuries. Other uses include being an oil for oil-burning lamps, a salad or cooking oil, and pharmaceuticals. Linseed has also been used to make linen flour. The seeds are sometimes pressed to produce linseed cake which is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linolenic acid (C19H30O2) omega 3 fatty acids. It is grown as an ornamental plant in water gardens. The cultivar 'Marilandica', with white flowers, has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Linseed meal is used for making a baked good called linseed cake which can be eaten on its own or blended with other ingredients, such as rye flour to make bread. Hot linseed tea is made by steeping flax meal in boiling water or milk, which is used medicinally. Linseeds are processed into a coarse meal for human consumption that has several culinary uses, most notably as an ingredient in some gluten-free flour products. Linseed is used as a food supplement, due to its high omega-3 content. Raw Flax Seeds can be consumed either raw or cooked. However, when consuming the seeds raw it is advised to only consume them in small amounts because of their slightly toxic coating which protects them from birds and other seed predators. When cooked, Raw Flax Seeds can be added to several different dishes such as salad, soups, and stews. They can also be blended into beverages such as juices or smoothies. The seeds themselves don't have much taste, so they will easily take on the flavors of other ingredients in a dish or beverage while giving it an extra boost in nutrition. The nuts are harvested by locals, then dried, packaged, and exported. The price of edible nuts varies with their quality. The cheaper ones fetch $5 per kg while the expensive ones go for $7 per kg in Myanmar's open market. Many consumers prefer to buy them directly from local people who dry them on the banks of rivers or on their boats It's entirely possible to buy them in, for instance, Myanmar. One can get these nuts for roughly $5 per kg fresh and $7 per kg dried. They are very popular among local consumers since they are so tasty. When buying these nuts directly from the locals who have harvested them one is advised to choose only the ones that are thoroughly dry, though.

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