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turkey egg

Price range: 12 - 12 INR / 1 piece | Market: Vijayawada Market | Date: 2022-05-16

Turkey Egg

The white turkey egg is large (the size of a jumbo chicken egg) and has brown speckles. It weighs approximately 80 to 90 grams which are 1 & ½ times more than that of a large chicken egg. White turkeys are bred for laying eggs, not meat production, therefore the female's reproductive cycle lasts only about one year, compared to a larger 10-year cycle of the native North American wild turkey. For a female white turkey to continue reproducing, she must be artificially inseminated each year. White turkeys can lay up to 250 eggs per year and have been genetically modified by selective breeding for this trait – they will lay their first egg at about 16-20 weeks of age, and will lay their full capacity of eggs by 20-24 months of age. Brown or bronze-colored hens are also available; according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), these birds produce brown eggs. The white turkey egg color is due to an absence in the bile pigment biliverdin, not unlike the blue color in blue chicken eggs, which by contrast are laid by a breed of South American chicken. The USDA says that white turkey eggs are more heat resistant than brown chicken eggs because they have fewer pores. White turkey egg color is determined by sex . Hens lay white or cream-colored eggs, to contrast with the brown or bronze color of most males. Since most female turkeys are artificially inseminated, their eggs come white regardless of whether a male is present to fertilize them. The shell membrane and whites (albumen) of turkey eggs consist primarily of albumen protein. The yolk makes up around 33% of the contents of the egg and contains high-quality protein, minerals, vitamins, fat, cholesterol, and pigments (such as xanthophylls ). Although turkey eggs are larger than chicken eggs, they are proportionally smaller in size concerning their other dimensions. A turkey egg has around 8500 pores on its surface; whereas a chicken egg has around 17,250 pores. The U.S. Department of Agriculture grades eggs by the interior quality and the appearance and condition of the eggshell. Eggs of any quality grade may differ in weight (size). US Grade AA eggs have firm whites and clean, unbroken shells; Grade A eggs have slight cracks in the shell, clean, unbroken shells; Grade B eggs have broken shells and the contents are not discolored or otherwise defective.

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