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Price range: 1600 - 1600 LKR / 1 kg | Market: Peliyagoda Fish Market | Date: 2022-02-22


Seerfish is a popular dish in Sri Lanka. It is a favorite of the Sri Lankan Sinhalese people and Tamil people from northern Sri Lanka. In both regions it is typically prepared by being crushed with a large mallet to tenderize, then deep-fried or shallow fried, and finally dipped into hot oil again before serving. Another method is to roast it over hot charcoal before shredding the flesh with a knife, which is then marinated with spices and lemon juice. The dish has many variations depending on local tastes, for example, in some areas around Sri Lanka seer fish is mostly prepared by being deep-fried twice. Seerfish is also known as "thora" in Sri Lanka. It is called "sirphala" in northern Sri Lanka. Seerfish have very sharp teeth and are handled with care by fishers familiar with them. Seerfish is one of the more popular fish in this group for eating, although it can be dangerous when not prepared properly. In some parts of Sri Lanka seerfish is mostly prepared by being deep-fried twice. In Kandy, Sri Lanka, fried pieces of the fish are mixed with chilies, onions, and spices and served on a fresh pandan leaf to add flavor. In Jaffna, it is usually marinated in a mixture of spices including fennel, cumin, and pepper before being deep-fried. In southern Sri Lanka, seer fish is marinated in a mixture of tamarind juice and spices including fennel seeds, cumin seeds, and pepper to create "muriyada." It can be served either dry or with a curry. The fish has many fine bones, so it is generally eaten as a whole piece after the head is removed. The seerfish are usually cut into sections before cooking - each section containing several sets of bones. Each set of bones will be surrounded by meat that can be easily pulled apart to remove them from the rest of the body using the fingers. These are then pinched to remove the bones while chewing on them and discarding them while consuming the flesh. Usually, only one section is consumed at a time during this process while several more sections lay waiting in a pile of other finished sections. Seerfish is often served with onions and chilis cooked in oil and curry leaves.

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