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saurel 200g U.E.

Price range: 3.5 - 4 EUR / 1 kg | Market: MIN Rungis | Date: 2022-05-20


Trachurus Saurus is a fish from the "scad" family. It has been nicknamed the "horse mackerel" due to its elongated body. It is found in the Pacific Ocean, mostly between Asia and North America. In Asia, it can be found near Japan, China, Indonesia, and other Asian countries. In North America, it is found off the coast of California. Trachurus is known for its long-streamer-like dorsal fin. The dorsal fin can grow to be larger than the body of the fish itself. Trachurus also has an elongated caudal peduncle, reaching halfway down its tail. Its head is quite small in comparison to its body with large eyes on each side. Trachurus can measure around 9 inches in length, with the average weight ranging from 2.5-7 ounces. Trachurus Saurus has an interesting way of eating its prey. It will swim along the bottom of the water until it finds something on the ground that is small enough to eat. Using this method, it can fit through gaps much smaller than itself. It will use its dorsal fin to release the object from the ground, and then turn around so it is tail-first facing the small prey. It will swallow it whole before swimming back up to the surface. The average meal for Trachurus can be anything from krill, copepods, shrimp, and plankton. Although Trachurus can live up to an estimated 5 years, their lifespan is typically around 3 years. During the first year of life, it uses energy as fast as it gains it (it grows about 0.325 inches a day), so there isn't much room for fat storage in the body. The majority of its energy is used for activities such as swim bladders, eggs, etc. If it does not get enough food or dies before the second year of life, Trachurus will deplete its bodily resources and become emaciated (even though it eats like a pig). It also likes to leap out of the water occasionally, usually while searching for food. Trachurus' flesh is white in color, and it has three separate dark spots on its body. One near the dorsal fins, one close to the anus of the fish, and one just below the pectoral fin (located on the gill cover). The meat of Trachurid Saurus is very low quality. Trachurus Saurus is a fish that needs no introduction to seafood lovers. This elongated, spindle-shaped fish has sharply pointed pectoral fins and large eyes, hence its nickname “horse mackerel” in some parts of Asia. The coloration of the fish is blue-green to green above, silvery sides, and white below.

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