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fish fresh (rahu)

Price range: 320 - 350 NPR / 1 kg | Market: Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market | Date: 2022-05-23


The rohu is a large, silver-colored fish of typical cyprinid shape, with a conspicuously arched head. Adults can reach a maximum weight of 45 kg (99 lb) and a maximum length of 2 m (6.6 ft), but average around 1⁄2 m (1.6 ft). The rohu is an important food fish in South Asia, where it is called rui or rohu. It is also the state fish of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh states in India. The rohu occurs throughout Pakistan and northwards through Nepal. It is found in the brackish waters of the rivers Brahmaputra, Ganges, Indus, and Mahanadi; as well as in Uttar Pradesh (India) and Punjab (Pakistan). Roha has also been reported from Iran. In Pakistan, it is found in the southern rivers and streams, including the Indus river down to Sukkur. Introduced populations exist in Taiwan. Roaches are often used as a sport fish due to their keen fighting instincts when hooked and their ability to put up a long chase on the line. They fight by lunging out of the water and can cover distances of several meters. This technique is particularly suited to the long, weedy waters where roach like to live and feed. They will also take a bait fished close to the surface and may even jump out of the water after a floating fly. They are most readily caught by fishing with maggots on fine wire trace or on a small hair-rigged hook, fished near the surface. They can also be taken on ground bait, meat, or sweetcorn. The roach is listed by the IUCN as Least Concern (LC) and is an extremely common species throughout its range. It is currently the only known member of its genus "Rutilus", but a great many closely related species will eventually be placed here. Roach can be found in several ponds and rivers of Europe, especially Western Europe, where they were introduced in the 19th century for sport fishing. They are a popular species among pond owners because they are not very demanding when it comes to water quality and temperature. They live in almost any freshwater body that has some vegetation growing on the bottom. However, they are not usually found in stagnant waters because the lack of oxygen does not suit them. Roach can also be found in brackish water up to. The fish is quite easy to maintain at home or even by anglers, so it is quite popular among fishkeepers as well. Both adult males and females reach, depending on the place of origin, a length of 25 to 40 cm and a weight of 500-1000 g. Described as having a "pleasant sweet taste". However, roach that live in polluted water can accumulate toxins such as heavy metals, so caution is required when eating this fish The rohu prefers fresh water and remains close to river mouths and backwaters during the dry season and moves upstream and downstream of the rivers for breeding and feeding purposes.

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