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fish fresh (rahu)

Price range: 300 - 320 NPR / 1 kg | Market: Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market | Date: 2022-05-09


The rohu ("Labeo rohita"), also known as the ree-too, is a fish of typical cyprinid shape, with an arched head. It is silvery in color with dusky splashes on its back and upper flanks. Juveniles are pale orange or yellowish, fading to white below. The rohu has a moderately long, round-ended snout and a slightly arched mouth with villiform teeth in bands on the jaws and vomer. The body is elongated, strongly compressed laterally, and naked ventrally except for two rows of large scales along the lateral line. There are typically 41–42 scales along the lateral line, with a few more scales around the caudal peduncle. The dorsal fin has 9–10 branched rays and a rounded tip. The anal fin has 8–9 branched rays and is deeply forked. The rohu's mouth is slightly oblique which gives it a distinct underbite appearance. Females and juveniles are yellowish-white to beige, while males develop a rosy tint with age. The rohu is widespread in large and medium rivers throughout much of South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh; it no longer occurs in the Indus River). It has been introduced into Nepal and Sri Lanka. They prefer deep water with a gravelly substrate, where they remain concealed during the day and feed mostly on small invertebrates at night. Juveniles tend to school together, but as they reach adulthood rohu segregates according to sex. The rohu is an important food fish and many fisheries use seines and gill nets for capture. The rohu is an important species of fish caught in the rivers of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Assam. Also, the rohita fish is found abundantly in West Bengal mostly in Bhagirathi River. Rohu can be of great use for aquaculture projects to improve protein intake of lower socio economic people though out the world specially India. It is known as Rohu in India and Burma and Pangash or Bhado (not to be confused with the species "Nemacheilus bhadauria") in Pakistan. It is called katla (কাতলা) in Bangladesh. There are many different types of rohu found throughout South Asia, but the most famous is the Rohu from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Assam. In India, rohu has been called "king of fish" because its white flesh tastes delicious when smoked or roasted with a little butter.

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