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In the French language, poularde is a term used to distinguish a particular kind of fattened chicken from other chickens. A poularde is a young female chicken that has been specially fed and kept for at least 120 days before slaughter, typically with rich food containing estrogen, but without the stress of laying eggs first. The meat is white and tender, the skin soft and yellowish. Poularde de Bresse is a special designation for poulardes from Bresse, a French province bordering Switzerland. Their quality has been recognized since the 13th century and they are listed as one of the world's 14 most endangered species by the Livestock Conservancy (because fewer than 20000 newborn chicks per year are produced in France). There are only four farmers in Bresse who have been designated to work with the Poularde de Bresse, which has a very high feed-to-meat ratio and is fed a special cereal developed by INRA, "one of the leading agricultural research centers in Europe." In cooking, poularde refers to a fattened chicken that is served roasted, sometimes stuffed with truffles and foie gras. Poularde is also a style of French cooking for chickens, in which the bird is roasted until the skin becomes crisp and browned, then larded with butter and basted frequently while roasting. The result is a plump bird with an abundance of rich, but lean flesh that produces a light-colored broth. Containing little in fat or dark fibers, this soup has a delicately flavored, subtle nature that makes it elegant for serving guests at dinner parties. The soup also tastes lightly sweet and has a hint of bitterness. Poularde is a culinary term for a chicken that is at least 120 days old at the time of slaughter and fattened with a rich diet that delays egg production. In the past, it was common to spay the chickens early in life to ensure desirable meat quality, similar to the castration of a capon. Although poularde is used to refer to a fattened chicken, the word has been adopted by some restaurants for a type of dish consisting of a roasted poularde served on a bed of creamed mushrooms and garnished with truffles.

Global poularde production

Global poularde production is forecast to reach 1.95 million tonnes in 2019/20, up 1% from the previous season. This increase is driven by higher production in Brazil and the United States, which more than offsets a decline in France. In 2018/19, global poularde production is estimated at 1.93 million tonnes, down 2% from the previous year. This decrease is the result of lower production in Brazil and France, which more than offsets an increase in the United States. Poularde is a type of chicken that is typically larger than other types of chicken and has white meat. Poularde is usually roasted or poached and is often served with a sauce. The United States is the largest producer of poularde, accounting for about 33% of global production in 2018/19. Other major producers include Brazil (21%), France (19%), and China (5%). Poularde production in the United States is forecast to increase 2% to 640,000 tonnes in 2019/20. This increase is driven by higher demand for poularde, as well as higher prices for other types of chicken, such as broiler chicken. In Brazil, poularde production is forecast to decline 1% to 409,000 tonnes in 2019/20. This decrease is the result of lower demand for poularde, as well as lower prices for other types of chicken. In France, poularde production is forecast to decline 3% to 361,000 tonnes in 2019/20. This decrease is the result of lower demand for poularde, as well as higher prices for other types of chicken. Poularde is typically sold in whole bird form or as boneless cuts. The majority of poularde is consumed in restaurants and hotels. Other major consumers include households and the processed food industry. The global poularde market is expected to continue to grow in the next few years, driven by increases in population and incomes. The rise of the middle class in developing countries is expected to lead to higher demand for poularde, as well as other types of chicken.

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