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Price range: 200 - 300 TRY / 1 kg | Market: Istambul Wholesale Markets | Date: 2022-05-23


The common pandora (Pagellus erythrinus) is a fish of the sea bream family, Sparidae. It is a popular food fish in Mediterranean countries, with delicate white flesh. It has a slim, oval fusiform body, with a smallish mouth and scales covering its face. The common pandora has a life span of about ten years. Like other members of Pagellus, the fish's scales are rough to the touch. The adults are typically blue-grey with yellowfins and belly, although many variations occur. Juveniles have 10–15 dark brown vertical bands on their sides which fade as they grow and their fins grow spines, which disappear with age. The common pandora inhabits the eastern Atlantic Ocean from Iceland to Senegal. They range in coastal waters down to depths of about but maybe found much deeper. Their preferred temperature is. The common pandora is usually about 30 to 45 centimeters long, but may occasionally be up to 60 centimeters. The common pandora is 'built' for speed in the pelagic zone of the continental shelf, having a torpedo-shaped body with a slightly arched back and angular head, tapering rearwards into a slender caudal peduncle that supports a lunate caudal fin. The common pandora is greyish or brownish on the back, white below, with a series of dark vertical bars on each side. These dark bars are typically symmetrical only on the rear half of its body. The common pandora's mouth is small and almost horizontal in young specimens (under 9 cm), becoming larger with age, and in large specimens, it extends well beyond the eye. The spines of its dorsal fins (14 spines) are long, sharp, and venomous;, when held by the tail, common pandoras can deliver a painful sting that may require medical attention. The common pandora is found in the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and the Black Sea. The common pandora forms schools that swim over sand, mud, or gravel substrates at depths of 0 to 200 meters during the day, rising to greater depths at night. Its diet consists mostly of small benthic invertebrates such as polychaete worms and crustaceans. The common pandora is a protandrous hermaphrodite, meaning that the males change into females at some point in their lives. For example, males can become female individuals after they have been dominant males for 2 or 3 years. In addition to being caught by fishermen using nets, lines, or seine-nets from boats, the common pandora can be caught from piers and jetties where they often shelter under the pilings during the day. It can also be caught by spearfishing or angling. The common pandora is a widely fished species in Mediterranean countries, with delicate white flesh. Like many other sparids, it has reddish-brown meat, which is of commercial value. The common pandora has a life span of about ten years. The common pandora is caught in bottom trawls, gillnets, and on hook-and-line. It is a popular fish for consumption with a delicate flavor and fine texture. However, its numbers have been impacted by overfishing throughout its range.

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