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malay mum flower

Price range: 150 - 180 THB / bunch | Market: Talaad Thai Market | Date: 2022-05-23


The flowers can be a significant part of a garden and culture. They are important as cut flowers and as ornamental plants, which have been used in many ways by humans throughout history. The chrysanthemum flower is also the national flower of Japan. Many cultures regard the flower as a symbol of enlightenment, love, hate, death, and good fortune. The plant is also known as "chrysanthemum", "mum", or "shungiku". The genus name originated in the Greek , 'golden flower' (from , 'gold' + -, 'flower'). The flower's English name comes from Greek. It is from the Greek , 'gold' + -, 'flower'. The chrysanthemum genus is a popular choice for gardeners. In most temperate regions they are hardy herbaceous perennials that grow quickly and have brightly colored flowers all through late autumn and winter. They become unsightly as the weather warms up in late spring, but recover when cooler autumn weather returns. In temperate zones, most chrysanthemums are grown as annuals. Chrysanthemum plants grow from 15–20 centimeters (5.9–7.9 in) to 50–90 centimeters (20–35 in). The plants grow to a height of 12–30 centimeters (4.7–11.8 in). Inflorescences are borne on the stem tips, with flower heads surrounded by a "bunch" of smaller phyllaries. The individual flowers have a few to several centimeters long, and they can be shaped like cylinders or flattened globes. They have six very distinct ray florets which look somewhat like petals. Some specific cultivars have ray florets that are missing or have been altered into decorative and colorful threadlike "pompons". The disc flowers are yellow, but the rayflower corollas can be white, cream, green, purple, or red. Chrysanthemums also come in a wide variety of colors with a large range of tinting, veining, and speckling. The flowers have a mild scent daytime only daytime The plant is used as a food plant by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including the Mouse Moth and The Gothic. The shape differs according to the variety; varieties may be compact or vase-shaped, Butterfly Series are flat and spreading, Petite Harmony series is rounder than other types. Colors include white, yellow, purple, blue and orange-red. Some types have dark veins on the leaves.

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