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Price range: 70 - 75 THB / 1 kg | Market: Talaad Thai Market | Date: 2022-05-16


Mollies are one of the most popular live-bearing fish kept in freshwater aquariums. This species thrives in soft substrates (mud). Female mollies give birth to live young after roughly 60 days. A typical litter contains about twenty fries. Mollies are herbivorous but may prey on their own fry under certain conditions. Mollies are peaceful, lively fish that can thrive in most fresh water community setups. They are commonly kept with guppies because both species have similar needs and tolerances. Regular water changes must be conducted to keep the parameters of one's aquarium within the ideal range for mollies. Furthermore, these fish require clean tanks to stay in good health. Mollies are live-bearing members of the Poeciliidae family of fish. This species is extremely widespread and can be found in North, Central, and South America. While most wild molly species inhabit water with soft substrates (mud), they also thrive in rocky areas as well, where they will often congregate. This species is also incredibly adaptable and thrives in most habitats given enough oxygen, even brackish water. Mollies are viviparous fish, meaning that their eggs develop internally after sperm fertilizes them rather than outside of the female’s body. After roughly 60 days, the female molly gives birth to live young. A typical litter for a wild species of molly contains about twenty fries, and this number will vary based on food availability and habitat conditions. Mollies eat mostly plant matter but may also consume small crustaceans and insects if they are available. Despite their herbivorous diet, this species has been known to prey on its own young in some cases. They are common aquarium fish and are one of the most popular livebearers kept in freshwater aquaria. Mollies can be bred in captivity if their habitat conditions are conducive to doing so. Wild-caught individuals may not breed in captivity, however. There you have it. A short description of this species is likely to be read by many people shortly. If one wants to memorize this text for a test or exam (perhaps in science class), I would suggest making it part of a set of flashcards with small snippets of information on them, such as: This species' scientific name is X.  It's three to four inches long and lives in saltwater and freshwater. Their upper side has darker coloration than their underside. Mollies have been known to make themselves useful to humans by eating mosquito larvae and other parasites in fish farming ponds, especially in large outdoor vats. While most people recognize the molly as a fun pet for children to study, this species is also raised commercially for use in aquariums and ornamental aquatic settings.

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