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Mimosa is a huge genus of plants that belong to the Gabaceae family. It is native to tropical and subtropical regions of both hemispheres. The name has been given to the plant to underline its ability to move leaves in certain species. The movements of the leaves are quite similar to the sensibility of animals. This is one of the most commonly known sensitive plants, also sometimes referred to as the humble plant, which is widely grown in greenhouses as a novelty for its quick movements of the leaves as a response to touch. It is also cultivated for its distinguished foliage as an ornamental plant.

Most of the species belonging to the Mimosa group are herbs or shrubs, but several of them also occur as woody climbers or even trees. The plant is often prickly. The plants produce leaves that are mostly bipinnate, meaning that the leaflets are composed of feather-formed leaves. Some species of this plant produce poisonous roots or roots that contain substances that are irritating to the skin. The plant produces small flowers that turn into legume fruits. Another significant characteristic of some mimosa species is the fact that their leaves are sensitive to light and tend to droop in response to the lack of light.

The plant is native to Asia, Africa, and Australia but is commonly found in wild in many areas of tropical and subtropical climates. It is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental plant in gardens and landscapes but mostly is cultivated for its quick movements of the leaves. It is a well-known invasive plant that has been tried to be stopped in many countries as it invaded many regions leaving damage to the natural landscape. The plant was especially widely spread across Australia and New Zealand as well as several different south-east Asian countries. The population of the plant has been controlled by realizing several types of fungi and insects through these countries. Some species of mimosa have also been noticed in Europe, where they were noticed as alien invasive species which may be dangerous for local landscapes.

Global mimosa production

Mimosa trees are native to South America, but they are now grown in many tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Brazil is the largest producer of mimosa, followed by China and India. Mimosa trees are fast-growing and can reach a height of 20 meters (66 feet). The tree's leaves are divided into numerous small leaflets that fold up when touched. The tree produces fragrant, pink, or white flowers that attract bees and other pollinators. The fruit of the mimosa tree is a pod that contains several seeds. The seeds are used to produce an oil that has a variety of uses, including as a food additive and in cosmetics. Mimosa trees are relatively easy to care for and can be grown in a variety of soils. They prefer full sun but can tolerate partial shade. The trees are drought-tolerant and do not require much fertilizer or other chemicals. Mimosas are native to tropical and sub-tropical regions around the world, from Africa and Madagascar to Central and South America. Today, they are cultivated in many places including the Caribbean, Hawaii, India, Israel, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. Mimosa flowers are used for a variety of purposes, including making leis, garlands, and floral arrangements. The flowers can also be used to make a fragrant oil, which is used in perfumes and cosmetics. Mimosa trees are also valued for their wood, which is used in furniture and cabinetry. In some parts of the world, the bark of the mimosa tree is used to make a yellow dye. Mimosas are generally easy to grow and care for, and they make an excellent addition to any garden. With their bright flowers and lush foliage, they can add a touch of tropical flair to any landscape.

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