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kankun (water spinach)

Price range: 43 - 43 LKR / 1 kg | Market: Hambantota Wholesale Market | Date: 2022-03-07

Kankun Water Spinach

Ipomoea aquatica, commonly known as kangkong or water spinach, is a semi-aquatic, tropical plant that is widely cultivated in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia. It grows abundantly near waterways and requires little to no care. The shoots of I. aquatica are generally eaten as a vegetable, and the plant is believed to have first been domesticated in Southeast Asia. Ipomoea aquatica, also known as water morning glory or kangkung, is a fast-growing plant that can be found in water or on moist soil. Its stems are hollow and can float, making it an ideal plant for ponds and marshes. The leaves are typically sagittate (arrow head-shaped) or lanceolate, and can grow up to 15 cm long. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and usually white, but may also be pink or purple. Propagation is typically done through cuttings of the stem shoots, which will root along with nodes, or by planting the seeds from flowers that produce seed pods. Ipomoea aquatica is a fast-growing plant that can be used for erosion control, and its flowers are a beautiful addition to any garden. Ipomoea aquatica is a plant that is primarily found in Southeast Asia. It is widely known as kangkong, water spinach, or river spinach. This plant has many other names in different parts of the world, including Chinese spinach, watercress, convolvulus, and swamp cabbage. Ipomoea aquatica is a popular choice for many dishes in Southeast Asia, and it is also used in traditional medicine. Ipomoea aquatica is a tropical, perennial herbaceous plant that is native to Southeast Asia. It is believed to have been first cultivated in this region and is now predominantly found there. The plant grows best in warm climates and prefers moist soil. Ipomoea aquatica is often used as food or medicine in Southeast Asia, and has a number of distinct native names in local languages. Phylogenetic studies suggest that the plant is native to this region, and its ideal climatic conditions and prevalence in usage support this hypothesis. Ipomoea aquatica is a fast-growing, herbaceous, climbing vine that is found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. It has long, slender stems with smooth, heart-shaped leaves and small, trumpet-shaped flowers. The plant grows in streams, rivers, and other bodies of water, where it anchors itself to the substrate with aerial roots. Ipomoea aquatica is a popular food crop in Asia and Africa, where it is eaten fresh or cooked. The plant is also used as a medicinal herb.

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