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hyacinth bean

Price range: 13.23 - 13.23 USD / 1 kg | Market: Norris Deonarine Northern Wholesale Market | Date: 2022-05-25

Hyacinth Bean

The hyacinth bean (Lablab purpureus) is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family. It is native to Africa, where it is widely cultivated as a food crop. The beans are typically green or purple in color and have a sweet, nutty flavor. They are an excellent source of protein and other nutrients and can be used in a variety of dishes. The hyacinth bean is a type of legume that is native to South America. The plant is typically found in areas with high rainfall, such as the Amazon rainforest. The beans are used in a variety of dishes, including stews and soups. The plant is also used as a cover crop in many parts of the world. The hyacinth bean plant is a climbing vine that can reach up to 15 feet in length. The leaves are large and heart-shaped, with a purple hue. The flowers are small and white, with six petals. The beans are black, with a white interior. They are typically 1-2 inches in length. The hyacinth bean is a nutritious food source. The beans are a good source of protein, fiber, and minerals. They also contain phytoestrogens, which can help to regulate hormone levels in the body. The plant is also used medicinally. The leaves are used to treat wounds and burns. The flowers are used to make tea that is used to treat stomach problems. The beans are also used to make a poultice that is applied to the skin to treat inflammation. The hyacinth bean is considered to be an invasive species in some parts of the world, such as Australia and New Zealand. This is due to the plant's ability to spread rapidly and choke out native vegetation. If you are growing hyacinth beans, it is important to keep them contained so they do not escape into the wild. In 2018, global production of hyacinth beans was estimated at 1.7 million metric tons, down slightly from 1.8 million metric tons in 2017. The majority of hyacinth bean production takes place in Asia, with India accounting for the lion's share at 1.1 million metric tons. Other significant producers include China (300,000 metric tons) and Bangladesh (100,000 metric tons). Hyacinth beans are an important food crop in many parts of the world, providing a valuable source of protein and other nutrients. In India, for example, they are often used in curries and other dishes. The beans can also be dried and ground into flour that is used in a variety of ways, including as a thickener for soups and sauces. While hyacinth bean production has remained relatively steady in recent years, there has been a marked increase in demand, especially from China. This has led to higher prices for the beans, which are now trading at around $1,000 per metric ton, up from $600 per metric ton just a few years ago. Looking forward, the global demand for hyacinth beans is expected to continue to grow, driven by population growth and rising incomes in Asia. This will likely lead to further increases in production, although weather-related factors could cause some volatility in supply in the short term.

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