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The garfish is a long and slender fish with a laterally compressed body and grows to about 50 to 75 centimeters (20 to 30 in) in length. Its common name arises from the French word "gar" meaning spear – a reference to its long, sharp bill. The dorsal fin stretches from the shoulder area to the base of the tail and consists of 70–79 rays. The pectoral fins are small, with 15-19 soft rays each, while the pelvic fin has one spine and five soft rays. The anal fin consists of two spines anterior to 18 or 19 soft rays, while the caudal fin is forked. Scales are ctenoid and adherent. The body is smooth and the eyes are large.

Garfish have a cosmopolitan distribution in warm, temperate, and tropical waters along coasts, estuaries, bays, or saltmarshes where there is abundant weed growth or submerged piers, pilings, or other man-made structures which serve as attachment sites and shelter for the fish.

Garfish tend to gather in large schools of around 1,000 individuals and wait until there is a significant build-up of plankton before they start feeding. The garfish uses its sight to target prey, then it catches the prey with its jaws and swallows it whole. The general behavior of a garfish is to travel alone, except during mating season.

A garfish's diet consists of small fish, plankton, insect larvae, and other tiny sea animals as well as plants such as seagrass or algae. Garfish depend on their vision for hunting prey and avoid feeding near the surface because of the presence of ultraviolet radiation, which interferes with their vision.

Fertilization is internal, and the eggs are laid directly into the water. In some species, adults guard the fertilized eggs until they hatch by fanning them with their pectoral fins or mouthparts or taking turns on guard duty. A few species of garfish have a modified swim bladder that allows them to obtain oxygen from the air, allowing them to survive in low-oxygen water.

As with other fish, the eggs and sperm are released into open water. When fertilized, the eggs have a large yolk which provides nourishment for the embryo as it develops inside the egg capsule. The larvae are torpedo-shaped and well-equipped for hunting. They have well-developed pectoral fins (for steering), a large mouth (for grabbing prey), and sharp teeth (for holding the prey).

Ha baryali (Gar Fish) is one of the healthiest fish. There are two types of fish that can be seen as a ball and entangled. Also known as elongated fish, these fish have the beak that the onion has sharp teeth on the top and bottom jaw. I know you're hungry for information about healthy fish; Habarali (Garfish) is very good with lots of vitamin supplements.

Global habarali production

Global production of habarali snappers reached a record high in 2016, driven by strong demand from Asian markets. Production is expected to remain strong in the coming years, as more fish farms are established to meet growing consumer demand. Habarali snappers are popular among seafood lovers for their sweet flesh and delicate flavor. The fish are usually found in the waters around Japan, Korea, and China. In recent years, demand for habarali snappers has grown steadily in Asia, as consumers become more aware of the fish's culinary properties. In response to this growing demand, fish farmers in several Asian countries have been ramping up the production of habarali snappers. As a result, global production of fish reached a record high of 80,000 metric tons in 2016. Looking forward, global production of habarali snappers is expected to remain strong in the coming years. This is due to the continued expansion of fish farms in Asia, as well as increasing consumer demand for fish in the region.

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