Green Fodder global price quotes

The current, latest prices of Green Fodder in the world in the global markets

green fodder

Price range: 550 - 600 PKR / 100 kg | Market: Vehari Market | Date: 2022-05-23

green fodder

Price range: 500 - 520 PKR / 100 kg | Market: Okara Market | Date: 2022-05-16

green fodder

Price range: 300 - 400 PKR / 100 kg | Market: Faisalabad Market | Date: 2021-09-09

Green Fodder

Green fodder is any type of feed that is made from green crops like legume crops, cereal crops, grass crops, or even tree-based crops. Generally, there are 3 types of green fodders available which are cereal crop-based, tree-based, and legume crop-based green fodder.

Green fodder production has been increasing because it ensures higher profit to the farmers. It can easily be stored for a long time which means that if produced in large quantities, it can be stored and used as required. Also, green fodder has high water content which makes it very suitable for all animals that require higher fiber (like cows).

Green fodder contains about 80% of water only but the digestible nutrients are about 88 percent. Therefore, green fodder is highly suitable for all kinds of cattle and other animals. As green fodder is very rich in nutrients, it should be used with proper care because overfeeding can result in digestive problems for the cattle. Only small quantities are required every day by the cattle depending on their age, breed, and workload.

Green fodder is a very good source of nutrition because it contains all the major nutrients required by cattle for their growth and development as well as improvement in milk production. Therefore, green fodder can be used as a complete feed for cattle and other animals. Also, green fodder is highly suitable as a good supplement to cereals because it contains a high nutritive value.

Green fodders have been an integral part of livestock farming not only in India but also all over the world as they are rich sources of proteins that help in tissue repair and maintenance. In addition, green fodder can also be fed to poultry, rabbits, and pigs. Also, cattle, sheep, and goats consume a large amount of protein for various metabolic functions. This protein is obtained from plant sources or animal sources which makes it an expensive proposition. Hence, the year-round cultivation of green fodders ensures the availability of high-quality protein in less expensive forms.

Green fodder is very sensitive to the environment and should be protected from direct sunlight. Therefore, it should be covered with some material like plastic sheets or jute bags while drying in the sun. Otherwise, green fodder will become dry and useless.

Green fodders can cause some serious health problems if not fed properly. Green fodder is considered to be a monsoon crop and therefore, it should never be dried under direct sunlight. Also, green fodders can trigger allergic reactions in cattle if they are fed with contaminated sources which result in symptoms like oral ulcers and loose motions.

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