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eureka gooseberries 125g

Price range: 19.95 - 19.95 ZAR / pack | Market: Evergreens The Fresh Market | Date: 2022-08-16


Price range: 220 - 220 INR / 1 kg | Market: Nellore Market | Date: 2022-08-16

gooseberry (out of state)

Price range: 35 - 35 INR / 1 kg | Market: Chalai Wholesale Market | Date: 2022-08-16

mr. gooseberry 1kg oswald

Price range: 8.99 - 8.99 EUR / 1 kg | Market: Lunys fruit & vegetable wholesaler | Date: 2022-08-16

gooseberry cz kg

Price range: 199.9 - 199.9 CZK / 1 kg | Market: Ekofarma Rohoznice | Date: 2022-07-14


Gooseberry is a shrub with thorny shoots and edible fruit. It belongs to the same family as currants. Gooseberry fruit is similar in size and shape to currants and is usually added to desserts, meat dishes as well as preserves. It was known by Ancient Romans, which was proven by many sources found in written chronicles. In the 18th-century gooseberry, cultivation became very popular. It also became a very popular ingredient, added to salads, meat dishes, jams, and juices. Nowadays it is mostly used for desserts as well as to decorate a different kinds of dishes.

Gooseberry is a plant that grows in fertile soils and likes places with moderate sunlight. It is worth knowing that the requirements and needs of gooseberries are depending on the cultivar. There are up to 1500 known cultivars. It can be found wild in Europe, Asia, and Southern-west Africa. It can also be found on the slopes of the mountains, from the east of France, and on the Indian peninsula. The height of the gooseberry shrub depends on the cultivar. The largest may reach up to 1.5 meters in height. Gooseberry fruit is usually green, yellow, or red. The skin of the fruit is often covered with a light fluff.

The fruit is very beneficial for our health. It helps to reduce constipation and improves digestive processes. Gooseberry is a rich source of fiber that improves intestinal peristalsis and reduces the feeling of hunger. Gooseberry helps to fight excessive cholesterol, which leads to the reduction of heart diseases. It has also the ability to cleanse the body of toxins and has a diuretic effect. Gooseberry is also a source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and protects against diseases.

Gooseberry is not only a great ingredient for cooking and baking but also for medical and cosmetic use. It helps to smooth the skin and provides optimal moisturization.

Being native to Europe and Asia, gooseberry is widely cultivated in England, France and Germany. The largest producers of this fruit Russia, Poland and Germany. Up to 208,000 tones of this fruit is produced yearly in Russia. Poland produces up to 145000 tones annually, and Germany up to 140000 tones per year. Up to 32126 tons of this fruit is imported worldwide.

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