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Golden Delicious

One of the most popular apple cultivars in orchards worldwide is the Golden Delicious. Originated in West Virginia, it was introduced by Stark Brothers Nursery Company in 1914. The Golden Delicious has a flat-oval shape and its skin color can range from dark green to nearly yellow. It has sweet flesh which adds up to its popularity for use in different applications. It is prone to bruising and shriveling, so it needs careful handling and storage.

This apple variety has a long harvest season as its fruit can be harvested from late August all through November. In fact, the only time of the year when it cannot be found in an orchard is during wintertime. That is because it cannot survive cold climates.

Golden Delicious apples are a favorite for salads, apple sauce, and apple butter because of their flat-oval shape and sweet taste. When eaten raw, this variety of apples may be enjoyed by itself or with a meal. As an ingredient in other applications such as sauces or baked treats, Golden Delicious can bestow a unique flavor on them. This is not a preferred cooking apple however because it tends to become very soft after it has been cooked.

Golden Delicious apples do have some of the same problems that other sweet apple varieties face, such as a propensity for bruising and shriveling. The skin of this variety is more tender than others so it bruises more easily, and its soft flesh tends to shrivel when exposed to dry conditions.

When purchasing Golden Delicious apples in the store, pick ones that are firm and unblemished for best results. As this fruit can be enjoyed in many different ways, they do not need to be perfect in size or shape in order to add a unique twist to recipes.

For the best quality in fruit, it is recommended that this variety be stored in a cool place, but not refrigerated. This will help to reduce the chances of discoloration and shriveling of apples. After purchase, Golden Delicious fruit can be kept at room temperature for about three weeks, or refrigerated for several months if preferred.

Global golden delicious production

As of 2019, the global production of Golden Delicious apples was about 6.4 million metric tons. The majority of this production came from China, which produced around 5.1 million metric tons. Other top producers included the United States, Turkey, Italy, and India. Together, these five countries accounted for over 80% of global Golden Delicious apple production. The Golden Delicious apple is one of the most popular types of apples in the world. It is loved for its sweet taste and crisp texture. The apple is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy snack choice. Despite its popularity, the Golden Delicious apple is not immune to pests and diseases. In particular, the apple is susceptible to the apple scab fungus. This fungus can cause the apple's skin to become scabby and discolored. Left untreated, it can also lead to fruit loss. To combat the threat of pests and diseases, growers often use a variety of pesticides and fungicides. These chemicals help to protect the apple crop from damage. However, they can also be harmful to the environment. As global demand for the Golden Delicious apple continues to grow, it is important that growers find ways to produce the fruit in a sustainable way. This includes using less harmful chemicals and finding alternative methods of pest and disease control.

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