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Florina-apples are large, yellowish green fruit with red stripes. The flavor is sweet and rich, like Golden Delicious (and looks like it too), but without the "grapefruit" tang of some other varieties in its class.

The flesh color is mostly creamy-white with a very slight pink blush. A beautiful, small fruit with a bright red stripe over a yellow background. The flesh is white and crisp with lots of sprightly subacid flavor. Good for fresh eating and cooking.

Florina apples are large (80-100 g) and round with a grass-green skin color. Their flesh is white and has a very nice mellow sweetness to it, which makes them perfect for pies as well as apple dumplings. The flavor can remind you slightly of Golden Delicious apples, but still the variety has its very own character.

Florina is not always easy to find, but if you get your hands on them while fresh and in season, we recommend that you savor this exquisite apple at least once.

Florina is a medium-size apple with a roughly conical shape and lots of russetings, resembling Golden Delicious in appearance. The flesh is firm and crisp with a rich, distinctive flavor that has been compared to Golden Delicious, though less sweet. It ripens from October through December.

The fruit is medium-sized, conical-cylindrical in shape. The skin has a green background with white and pink stripes. The flesh is white, sometimes stained red near the skin. The fruit ripens from October to December. Florina keeps well in storage until February.

The apple tree is moderate, very hardy. It is a compact tree that bears well and regularly. This variety is known for its hardiness, health, vigor, and resistance to apple scab. It blooms early in the season. The flowers are self-sterile or nearly so.

It was developed in France by the "Station de Recherches d'Arboriculture Fruitiere" at Angers sometime during the twentieth century. Florina is a cross of Jonathan, Golden Delicious, and Rome apples. Florina-apples are attractive apples that keep very well in storage until January or February. They can be eaten fresh but are also suitable for cooking. Florina has combined traits of the Jonathan, Golden Delicious, and Rome apples, and was developed in Angers, France. Though developed in France its ancestry is entirely American.

Florina-apple trees are medium in size with an upright spreading habit of growth. The fruit ripens from mid to late October.

Global florina production

The top producers of florina fruit in the world are Brazil, Russia, and the United States. These three countries account for approximately 60% of global production. Other major producing countries include Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Florina fruit is a popular ingredient in many processed foods and beverages. It is often used as a flavor enhancer or as a natural sweetener. The fruit is also used in some cosmetics and skincare products. The global florina fruit market is expected to grow at a moderate rate in the coming years. The main drivers of market growth are rising health consciousness among consumers and the growing demand for natural and organic products. Additionally, the increasing popularity of plant-based diets is also expected to contribute to market growth. The report provides a detailed analysis of the global florina fruit market, including its market size and segmentation. The report also includes a comprehensive overview of the key market drivers and trends. Additionally, the report provides an assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the florina fruit market.

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