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Price range: 70 - 80 THB / pack | Market: Talaad Thai Market | Date: 2022-05-16

Damask Rose

The Damask rose, more commonly known as the Damask rose, or sometimes as Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, Taif rose, Arab rose, Ispahan rose and Castile rose, is a rose hybrid, derived from Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata.DNA analysis has shown that a third species, Rosa fedtschenkoana, has made some genetic contributions to the Damask rose.

Wet soil can be problematic for Damask roses, as they are susceptible to fungal diseases; however, this is largely dependent on geographical location and cultural growing practices. This rose grows up to 3 feet tall and wide with an open-habitat leafing type. It has very fragrant, deep-pink blooms which are borne in clusters that are 6-8 inches across. The Damask rose is the national flower of Bulgaria.

The Damask rose was introduced into various parts of India by travelers, merchants, and soldiers who visited the country during the Middle Ages. The Damask rose became a favorite species in Kashmir where it was extensively cultivated. Currently, there are around 125 cultivars derived from this species in India which are known for their varied colors, size, and fragrance. Local cultivars are distinguished from the cultivars introduced into India by their hardiness to local climate conditions. With over 500 varieties of Damask roses in cultivation in Kashmir, there are many shades of pink available which grow well in the cooler parts of northern India.

The Damask rose was introduced into Bulgaria during the second half of the 16th century. It was used to decorate various churches and monasteries in Vratsa, Veliko Tarnovo, Rila, and the vicinity of Sofia. The cultivar 'Vratsa' is an important Bulgarian rose variety which is known for its cold-tolerant properties as well as its resistance to fungal diseases.

The Damask rose is also grown in Azerbaijan where it is known as "Taif" (Azerbaijani: Təif). The well-known Azerbaijani poet Samad Vurgun wrote a number of poems about the Damask rose, one of which was published posthumously in 1976.

The Damask rose is also grown in many other countries, including Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia (Hrvatska), Cyprus (Κύπρος), Czech Republic (Česká republika/Czechoslovakia until 1993), Hungary (Magyarország), Iran (ایران), Israel, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Romania (România), Slovakia (Slovensko), Syria (سورية), and Turkey.

Damask roses are a species of rose that can be white, pink or red in color. This plant variety is also known as the Bulgarian rose and Turkish rose, which are types of Rosa damascena. The term 'damascene' when used for describing a metal refers to a steel with a wavy pattern on it, which is often used for ornamental purposes. This term was derived from the city of Damascus in Syria, where a steel blade manufacturer named 'Hamid' created a unique type of sword known as the damask sword. When the word damask was adopted for describing these roses, its meaning changed from the steel wavy pattern to the flower with a similar name.

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