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Dahlia flowers

Dahlia is a genus of flowers consisting of 40 different species of flowering plants that belong to the aster (Asteraceae) family. The flowers are native to Mexico and Central America where they naturally occur on the higher elevations. Some types of these flowers have been cultivated and bred as ornamental flowers. They are of significant importance for the floral industry as well as gardening. There are thousands of dahlia cultivars available, including single, double, cactus, pompon, waterlily, peony-flowered, and dinnerplate.

The flowers are perennials plants with simple, segmented, toothed, or cut leaves. Their flowers are compound usually occur in red, purple, yellow, or white colors. Wild-growing dahlias create flowers that have both disk and ray heads in contrast to cultivars that are cultivated for their ornamental purposes, such as the D. bipinnata type which is a common garden dahlia.

Dahlias are quite easy to cultivate as they grow well in most garden soils. They bloom late in the summer and continue flowering until the first autumn frosts. They can be found predominantly n Mexico and in some regions of South Africa. They also naturally occur in Guatemala, Central America, and South America. It naturally occurs in uplands and mountains between 1500 and 3700 meters.

It is an important flower for many countries as it is historically and traditionally accounted with many of them. Dahlia is, for example, a national glower of Mexico and is the official flower of Seattle and San Francisco in the United States. The plant has also medicinal importance. They are believed to soothe the symptoms of epilepsy as well as it was used to treat diabetes before the discovery of insulin.

Dahlias also make great cut flowers, however, they are not very durable without proper care and maintenance. To preserve their longevity, the flowers should be cut early in the morning before they are less stressed by the heat. The flowers should be fully open, as the buds won't open when cut. The cut flower may last up to six days before withering.

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