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white champaka 100flowers

Price range: 100 - 120 THB / pack | Market: Talaad Thai Market | Date: 2022-05-18


Magnolia champaca is a species of flowering plant in the Magnoliaceae family, native to South and Southeast Asia. It has been introduced in Madagascar via its fruit-bat which feeds on its flowers. They are found in forests from sea level up to 1800 m. The tree reaches 15 to 30 meters tall with large elliptic leaves up to 35 cm long. It has small, fragrant white flowers that grow up to 5 cm across. The fruit is an ellipsoid capsule that opens when ripe.

"Magnolia champaca" blooms in mid-spring with sporadic but abundant creamy white flowers of up to 6 inches in size, though they may also bloom sporadically or in twos throughout summer. The base of the flower is narrow, which gradually widens up to 2 inches across at the top portion where both petals and sepals converge into a single point. Magnoila champaca flowers are hermaphroditic with no distinct fringed labellum that distinguishes them from their counterparts, the Magnolia figo and Magnolia stellata. The flowers have an obovate corolla that is frequently described as being a creamy white or pure white hue in various different texts.

The petals of the flower are 4-5cm in length while the sepals are around 3-4cm in length. The flowers are white to pale yellow, with creamy orange-yellow stamens. They have a sweet lemony fragrance. The tree is an important flowering tree in China. The flowers are also used for making tea. The dried flowers are often used as part of flower arrangements.

The fruit capsule is ellipsoid, longitudinally 3-winged, and contains many seeds. When ripe it splits into three valves to release the large (up to 4cm) seed within. The seed has a thin brown seed coat and a white endosperm, which is sweet and pleasantly mucilaginous. The seed contains 3-5 cotyledons (seed leaves).

The bark from the tree may be used as a laxative or to treat dysentery. It is also given as part of certain traditional Chinese medicines tried for diabetes. The plant's latex can be used as chewing gum to relieve stomachache and topically for the treatment of dermatitis.

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