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Price range: 140 - 160 TRY / 2 pieces | Market: Istambul Wholesale Markets | Date: 2022-02-14

bonito 6

Price range: 100 - 120 TRY / 2 pieces | Market: Istambul Wholesale Markets | Date: 2022-02-01


Bonito is a schooling fish of the genus Sarda. Just like tuna and mackerel, bonito belongs to the Scombridae family of the Perciformes order. Bonito is characterized by its swiftness. It is a predacious type of fish that naturally can be found all over the world. It is characterized by its silver colors, especially on the belly and striped back. The fish grows up to 75 cm in length.

Bonito’s appearance is quite similar to tuna’s at its body is streamlined. They have a narrow tail base, forked tail, and finlets set in rows behind their dorsal and anal fins. Bonito is a very significant species for both commercial and recreational fishery. There are four main species recognized: native to the Indo-Pacific S. oroemtalis, native to the Atlantic and Mediterranean S. sarda, native to the waters of Australia and New Zeland S. asutralis, and native to the eastern Pacific S. chilensis. They all are both food and sport fish. The skipjack tuna is also sometimes referred to as the oceanic bonito.

The fish is characterized by its taste that is slightly similar to tuna. The meat however is less firm, oilier and fattier. It is well served with heavier flavors which are common for the Balkans and Spain. It tastes bests when grilled but the fish can also be preserved or canned and served with red onion. The dish is quite popular in Turkey and in the Balkans and is often served as a snack during drinking and socializing events.

Bonito is a traveling type of fish that’s why it has not got one specific habitat. It makes many migrations during the year. They tend to concentrate in large groups that migrate towards temperate and tropical waters. Bonito likes warm waters that is why it is often considered a tropical fish, It prefers water in temperatures between 18 and 31 degrees Celsius. It usually spends the day swimming in deep waters, and at night looks for shallow waters in order to optimize their rest.

Being an important commercial species, bonito is usually fished with the use of traditional nets. Raw fish is next sold as fresh to restaurants or to processing companies.

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