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Price range: 9 - 11 EUR / 1 kg | Market: MIN Rungis | Date: 2022-05-18

Blue Ling fish

Silver Ling or blue ling is also known under the scientific name Gadus dypterygius. It is a fish native to the Southwestern Barents Sea and north Spitsbergen. It also occurs west to Greenland and Newfoundland as well as in the region of the souther coast of Iceland. It can also be found in the waters of the British Isles and south to Morocco and in the Mediterranean region.

It is characterized by its low bottom jaw that is placed significantly lower than the upper one. Its barbel is shorter than the eye. The dorsal fin of the fish has from 69 to 83 rays. Its anal fin has got up to 81 rays. What is quite interesting about the fish, is the fact that its pelvic fin reaches beyond the end of the pectoral fin. Silver ling usually occurs in grey to brown color dorsally and shades ventrally to bright or even white shade. Its posterior region with vertical fish is slightly darker and marked with pale margins.

Silver ling occurs naturally in waters no deeper than 1000 meters, mostly from 350 to 500 m. It leavers near muddy bottoms. The males reach up to 75 cm and become fully mature at 9 years. The females are slightly bigger and can reach up to 88 cm, they become fully mature at 11 years. The fish spawns from April to May. The fish grows up to 20 years. The largest specimens may reach up to 155 cm in length. Silver ling feeds on other fish (gobies, rocklings, flatfishes) as well as crustaceans.

It is an important commercial fish, fished quite regualrly with the use of bottom trawls and longlines. The fish is an important crop in the north-eastern Atlantic. Accoridng to statistics provided by the Yearbook Fishery Statistic, up to 27365 metric tons of silver ling is fished each year. The fish is usually avaialble frozen as a whole, as fresh fillets or reduced to fish meat and fish prodcuts. The fish is also an important species for industrial and artisanal fisheris in the Mediterranean region.

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