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bird flower

Price range: 60 - 60 THB / 1 piece | Market: Talaad Thai Market | Date: 2022-05-16

Bird Flower

Crotalaria cunninghamii is a shrub about 3 meters tall with hairy branches and foliage. The leaves are oval-shaped and about 30 mm long. The large, greenish pea flowers occur in winter and spring on long spikes at the ends of the branches. The flowers are streaked with fine, black lines. Crotalaria cunninghamii occurs in grassy woodland, forest, and heathland throughout New South Wales except for the Australian Capital Territory.

Crotalaria cunninghamii is listed as rare or likely to become extinct. It has been introduced to New Zealand where it has become naturalized on the Three Kings Islands. This species is also considered a weed in southern Queensland and New South Wales. Crotalaria cunninghamii is a suitable subject for shrubbery or wild garden and does well in most soil types and aspects. Propagation is from cuttings.

Crotalaria cunninghamii has been used as a food by the Aboriginal people of New South Wales and Victoria. The seeds have been ground into a paste and cooked with fish or meat to make a damper, trail mix, or thick soup. This species provides good fodder for stock. A further use for Crotalaria cunninghamii is as an insecticide. A decoction of the roots and leaves has been used to poison fish during fishing. The leaves have also been used to kill fish. A decoction of the crushed seeds has been used as an eye lotion.

According to the Australian Register of Environmental Plants, Crotalaria cunninghamii is a shrub that can be used for revegetation purposes in bushfire-prone areas. It has the potential to attract butterflies and birds. The flowers provide nectar and pollen for bees and insect-eating birds. This species is also used as a soil binder in erosion control projects.

Crotalaria cunninghamii was named by the French botanist Étienne Pierre Ventenat in honor of Allan Cunningham who found this species in the Blue Mountains. Crotalaria cunninghamii is one of the parents in a cross-pollination that produced Crotalaria juncea, an important leguminous forage crop.

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