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bauhania flower

Price range: 300 - 320 NPR / 1 kg | Market: Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market | Date: 2022-05-02

Bauhania Flower

The double-lobed leaf of the Bauhinia tree is highly regarded in Hong Kong. In addition to the Chinese name 洋紫荊 ( yáng zǐ líng ), it is colloquially known as 牛心草 ( níu xīn cǎo ), literally 'ox-heart grass' but meaning 'courageous and resolute'. The other Chinese name for the Bauhinia is 紫荊/紫荆 ( zǐ jīng ), which has the same pronunciation as 紫檀 ( zǐ tán ), or 'purple sandalwood'.

It is also known as 假雞排 ( jiǎ jī pái ) - a corruption of its Cantonese name. Under the former Land Development Corporation, it was officially known as 龙峰紫荊/龙峰紫荆 ( lóng fēng zǐ jīng ). The double-lobed leaf is a common design on Chinese medals and money.

Historically, it was also used as a motif on the back of tin coins from the 19th century. It once appeared together with the Chinese characters '化平世紀' ( huà píng shì jì ) on HK$10 notes, but this did not last long.

The Bauhinia can be found in many places around Hong Kong, including Kowloon Park and the Botanical Garden. It is featured on the 5-dollar coin and in a number of logos, including that of the Airport Authority.

An image of a Bauhinia in blossom with a butterfly passing by is also considered a good omen for Hong Kong, symbolizing harmony between Chinese and Western cultures. In Mandarin, it is known as bā huáng lián , literally 'White Orchid'. Its scientific name is Bauhinia blakeana. The flower is used in Cantonese wedding and funeral decorations, and it represents love and happiness.

It also symbolizes the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (广东港澳城市圈), as it is the logo of the Bay Area and appears on road signs marking its boundary. The flower was originally brought to Hong Kong from Macau by a Portuguese missionary. It can also be called 香蕉紫荊 ( xiāng jiāo zǐ jīng ).

The Cantonese 'bong' pronunciation in the name of this flower does not rhyme with 'bong' as in a high-pitched sound or a musical instrument. It is also unrelated to the Thai word for eggplant ( aubergine ) from the word baung ( บั๊ง ). The shape of the Bauhinia leaf has been compared to the breastplate (cuirass) of a suit of armor, as well as to half an open pair of scissors. It is also known as kong wah cha mei.

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